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  1. roadtripstuff
    09-10-2017 06:09 PM
    That's awesome. I have been bit by the tournament bug. I think I have played like 18 sanctioned events so far this year. I have one more, the United States Women's Disc Golf Championship down in Tennessee here at the end of the month. I actually do play pro women now. I took second last year (2106) at AM Worlds by one stroke so i figured time to move up this year. Been battling some injuries during the second half of this season though, but I'm finally starting to feel 100%. I'm actually hoping to get out to Cali next season. One of my sponsors for next year gets a house for the Memorial and the they usually hit Gentlemen's Club in Vegas, Memorial in Arizona, Daniel Boe in San Diego, then Yucapai, so I'm hoping to hit all of those with them starting in February. If so we'll have to get up for a round in Socal if you are still out there.
    09-09-2017 05:41 AM
    whats happening out there? Im in So Cal and not traveling as much played 3 tourneys this year. Trained hard for 3 months. Improved my putting big time hitting 8/10 from 30-40 ft. out. I was talking smack to everyone saying" After these tourneys they won't let me play amateur anymore" ****! I think some females beat me! First **** up: One hole I teed off to the wrong basket and almost threw my upshot at the same basket till someone jumped in front of me and pointed to the actual basket. Second **** up: Added my score wrong and everyone on the card verified. turned it in and it was wrong so I was penalized 2 points? Third **** up: Didn't have any understable discs in my bag!
  3. roadtripstuff
    06-11-2013 10:51 AM
    Not a whole lot, been playing some tournaments myself. I just got back from Michigan, played the Disc Girls Gone Wild tournament at Sleepy Hollow, it was also my 100th course. In April I went down to KY and played in the Bowling Green Amateur Championship. Both tournaments were a blast. Where ya staying at these days? What's going on out there on the left coast?
    06-02-2013 04:46 PM
    Whats crack'n out in Ohio these days? Just played the Cannonball Run Tourney in SoCal.
  5. roadtripstuff
    07-15-2011 05:32 AM
    How did you like Belmont? It's not a bad little course, great vibe if you are there with the right crowd. I saw that you also played Englewood. That's a nice little course too. I was out there the other day and hit the bottom of the basket on hole 12. Hit me up if you are in the area. I don't have a different tag yet, but I'd still be down for a round.
  6. roadtripstuff
    07-04-2011 11:57 AM
    That would be awesome. I won't mark you down or anything, but definitely come on out if you can, it should be a great time.
    07-04-2011 10:57 AM
    I like the Ohio DGCR meet up that your planning. I dont want to committ just yet but I resally would like to be there! I have a better when it gets closer.
  8. roadtripstuff
    06-17-2011 02:00 AM
    Looks like you made it back to Cali. Hope the trip went well. Hit me up if/when you make it back out here and I will hopefully have a new tag by then.
  9. roadtripstuff
    05-20-2011 09:29 PM
    Hey I was out golfing near Springfield this evening. A lot of times I leave the page open on my computer so it probably looks like I'm on. If you are still in the area let me know. I think my buddy and I are heading up to Dover or something tomorrow to play so if you're in Ohio maybe we can at least swap tags. Let me know.
  10. JMONEY
    05-20-2011 06:00 PM
    Call me 775 291 4642

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