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Conversation Between Jukeshoe and prerube
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  1. Jukeshoe
    08-31-2011 10:38 PM
    Ah, always saw the Fragglerock on tv...never watched it, though.
  2. prerube
    08-31-2011 09:52 PM
    King of the Universe
    Pa Gorg from the Fraggles
  3. Jukeshoe
    08-31-2011 09:51 PM
    Who's your current avatar?
  4. Jukeshoe
    08-25-2011 09:56 PM
    BroD doesn't have the fightin' spirit, apparently.
  5. prerube
    08-25-2011 09:52 PM
    so Zenbot, you, PinkElephant, sillybizz and I all have puzzle peices. BroDave already gave up
  6. Jukeshoe
    08-25-2011 09:49 PM
    You;re already in on it!

    Started as silliness, now we've got 'Ruby puzzle piece avatars.
  7. prerube
    08-25-2011 09:47 PM
    are you going to let me in on this? how did this start/spread
  8. Jukeshoe
    08-25-2011 09:45 PM
    Nice avatar!

    Let's synch them all up and form Voltron, er, Prerube!
  9. Jukeshoe
    04-04-2011 10:11 PM
    Well, if you were having trouble finding it, I didn't stand a chance!
  10. prerube
    04-04-2011 10:08 PM
    cool because I was having trouble finding anything better

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