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Conversation Between BrotherDave and Lithicon
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  1. BrotherDave
    06-26-2019 07:29 PM
    Dang it! They just let me off with good behavior! I bribed 3 mods and everything.
  2. Lithicon
    06-26-2019 02:00 PM
    Dave, you're grounded.... I am enforcing your punishment. In the bang shed.
  3. BrotherDave
    12-05-2010 12:11 PM
    You tease. You've got to quit your job as immigrant farm worker and find one that lets you get the interwebz.
  4. Lithicon
    12-05-2010 04:39 AM
    I wouldn't listen to a word this guy says about form, UNM. He throws like a girl! But, I miss him. =.( /fondles Dave

    BTW, ALL knowledge is on DGR.

    Peace out for like another 5 months, maybe less. LOL! /huggles
  5. Lithicon
    06-23-2010 09:59 PM
    Only Frank, he's not such a good Stalker. He just touches my butt and makes me feel funny inside.
  6. BrotherDave
    06-23-2010 01:01 AM
    Hey man, have you gotten a Stalker yet?....gl

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