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  1. TalbotTrojan
    10-09-2012 04:07 AM
    My schedule for the rest of the week is something like this:
    Tuesday: CHU 11:30 ish.
    Wednesday: Johnny 10 & 11:30 go to Phenix afterwards to check in.
    Thursday: CHU 11:30 ish.
    Friday: Maybe Johnny, Maybe CHU, Maybe just putting, Maybe doubles depending on work.

    Let me know if you would like to join me for any or all of this.
  2. TalbotTrojan
    10-02-2012 03:26 AM
    Yeah, the story is that the current mold makes the discs really flippy and they are retooling at this point. Someday.
  3. slugwater
    10-01-2012 10:47 PM
  4. TalbotTrojan
    04-29-2012 11:36 PM
    Good playing with you today. Nice round. I am not sure now what my schedule holds for this week. Tomorrow I thought was going to be good until I remembered that I am picking up a washer and dryer for my new house. I am still taking my discs to work in case that falls through. Keep me posted on your schedule.
  5. TalbotTrojan
    04-22-2012 02:51 PM
    Ha, maybe that is part of the business plan we have yet to talk about. Those are some pretty sweet looking discs and I am sure your stuff would be awesome.
  6. slugwater
    04-22-2012 10:25 AM
    I'd like to create some more disc golf related pieces in the future. I have also been throwing around the idea of having some of my art printed on a run of supercolor discraft discs. Check out this supercolor buzzz by rock poster artist EMEK. http://www.iansprints.com/discs/emek-buzzz.jpg
  7. TalbotTrojan
    04-22-2012 01:39 AM
    That is a sweet piece of work. I noticed you only had a couple of Disc Golf prints. Will you be doing any more?

    That was a fun round today, even if you beat me, ha! Good round for both of us though. Not many days I go +4 early and make it back to even.
  8. slugwater
    04-21-2012 03:59 PM
    i forgot to show you my new prints for earth day... check them out here: www.IansPrints.com
    fun round today.
  9. TalbotTrojan
    04-09-2012 12:58 AM
    I went back to Johnny today with my parents to show them the course in advance of their first tournament. They had fun playing Johnny for the first time and not just walking the course following me. It only got worse for me unfortunately. I am not sure when but I need some more rounds at Johnny this week.
  10. TalbotTrojan
    03-09-2012 01:52 AM
    Thanks for the heads up. I am fairly well stocked on Nebula. I bought three from Dynamic Discs. One of these days Dynamic Discs will sponsor me. Ha!

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