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  1. KenTyburski
    01-22-2013 04:59 PM
    Yep, Kevin and I are playing in that on Feb 2. See you there!
  2. mx23ang
    01-22-2013 02:50 PM
    Thats awesome! Yea I guess it does need a little more work done to them before a PDGA, of course people would complain but when dont they haha.. And this is my last semester at NCSU(hopefully lol) so if I can find a job back in the mountains I will probably take it, to flat down this way for my liking. I like being able to throw my comet 600' and I cant do that without some massive elevation changes haha! I think me and another guy on NCSU dg team are playing in the doubles tourney at cedarock so hope to see ya out there man!
  3. KenTyburski
    01-21-2013 02:11 PM
    I think they are, but I don't know when. It may be later in the year. My brother and I have been talking to Dave about doing one, but Dave is something of a perfectionist, and he wants the course perfect before he opens it up for a tourney. He's constructing wood-framed, crushed gravel pads for all white and blue tees (probably as I type). Let me check and get back to you.

    And to where are you moving, and why?
  4. mx23ang
    01-21-2013 11:20 AM
    Do you think Rockness will ever have a PDGA event? It would be soo amazing if we could get one together before I move back to the mountains in the summer for good!

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