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  1. zgmc
    08-10-2019 11:08 PM
    Depends on if you have the jig permanently setup or not! If you’re trying to make a living at it, you have that shiz ready to go for 1 drawer or 25 drawers.
  2. dysmike
    08-10-2019 10:41 PM
    It depends, on a single drawer it's faster to do hand cuts (it takes less time than gig setup). So for some furniture, it'd be fine in 'production'.. but yes, it's a hobby. No, I didn't make the empire plinth. I'm having a hard time doing any real visible modifications.
  3. zgmc
    08-10-2019 10:15 PM
    You can only afford to make hand cut dovetails if it’s your hobby. Which isn’t a bad thing. Did you make the plinth for that empire table?
  4. dysmike
    08-10-2019 09:45 PM
    No, I just hand cut dovetails for the hell of it Although since the move all my stuff is stored. I need to redo the garage and get a 200amp drop to it.
  5. zgmc
    08-10-2019 09:14 PM
    Wait a minute. Are you a woodworker as well?

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