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  1. Casey 1988
    10-28-2019 02:31 AM
    Casey 1988
    I have seen the older 1990's version of the Gumputt or Blowfly disc that a person I played with had from the 1990's bounce out as the plastic was only vary soft like worn in Prostyle from Lighting or a baseline plastic that is as soft the old FLX ESP when worn in. He later got a newer disc as his was worn in. Now the discs are super soft and floppy when the company DGA got bought by Discraft. Only thing softer is a Quest AT Brick that if you see the modern plastic discs made in a crappy Champion/Z type plastic the Quest AT Brick is as floppy as the Aerobie Dogobie the soft Dog Disc that Aerobie makes.
  2. puttlikeablowfly
    10-27-2019 10:05 PM
    Yup, been my primary putter since I started playing almost 20 years ago. They're not most golfers' cup of tea, but they hit the chains softly and almost never roll. It's almost impossible for one of them to blow through the chains or hit the pole and bounce out. Generally the only time I putt with anything else is on a really windy day.
  3. Casey 1988
    10-17-2019 06:52 PM
    Casey 1988
    With your name on here, do you use Blowfly's as putters? I know a guy who uses Gumputt's and Blowfly's for his putting, mostly Gumputt's for putting with Driver Gumputt's for his driving and approach putter. He has the Blowfly for water putter shots.

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