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  1. MrGlass01
    07-03-2013 02:03 AM
    Hells yeah let me know.
  2. UnitedPuppySlayer
    07-02-2013 11:39 AM
    Hey Glass, I may or may not be heading through Madison tomorrow... Let me know if you want to throw!
  3. MrGlass01
    03-06-2013 01:11 AM
    how was the memorial? how did you shoot, i bet it was nice to see grass!!
  4. MrGlass01
    01-05-2013 01:19 AM
    Banshee hell yeah!!! Mmmm MVP banshee hmmmgrrlllhaaahh!!!
  5. MrGlass01
    01-05-2013 01:01 AM
    just flattened a neutron seems to be fitting the bill!!! when is the memorial? i dont keep up. was wanting to snag something to help your trip out but no pp funds. Honestly i am in the fase with MVP i dont want to throw anything else. volts can do it all for me and my power( little hands) axis and vectors check anodes check.... but still have to have my z and crystal flx zones!!! so once they do that slot i am going on tour. wanna come with. we can sell grilled cheese and bottled water!! ohhh wait that was in my phish days!!!
  6. MrGlass01
    01-05-2013 12:50 AM
    god i hope so. dang i have to email him now. and duh thanks captain obvious. i would love to see eclipse come out in neutron and well sparkle. but who gives a **** gimme a understable mid and a beefier putter and I am done all MVP!! Still have not thrwon the amp. have a stable and understable volt and I cannot bring myself to throw an amp stamped amp on snow for its virgin flight. how you liking the amp? i imagine at your power it will be way different for me.
  7. UnitedPuppySlayer
    01-05-2013 12:47 AM
    Hahaha, sparkle eclipse is as simple as putting the eclipse overmold on them From what I've seen on FB, Mike is keeping up with all the latest and greatest stuff so I'm sure he'll be getting some.
  8. MrGlass01
    01-05-2013 12:36 AM
    oh and if they ever come out with sparkle eclipse i am moving to anarctica so i dont go broke!!!
  9. MrGlass01
    01-05-2013 12:35 AM
    i want one!!!! hoping Mike at glide can hook a brutha up!!
  10. UnitedPuppySlayer
    01-05-2013 12:35 AM
    Just thought I'd let you know, these sparkle Anodes are pretty cool! Wish I would have gotten a red tho.

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