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  1. Jukeshoe
    08-25-2020 11:05 AM
    New 18er in Three Rivers. TimSyl designed (I think he designed, or at least he upkeeps, Meyer Broadway).
  2. Jukeshoe
    07-28-2020 07:47 PM
    Disco and I found hella golden chanterelles and chix of the wood at France Park. It was spectacular...just out on the fairways an shizzz. You been out looking much?
  3. Jukeshoe
    02-19-2020 11:39 PM
    "zgmc has exceeded his message limit etc."
  4. Jukeshoe
    02-14-2020 11:02 AM
    Happy 40th, cupcake!

  5. zgmc
    07-31-2019 05:45 PM
    Haha. It’s good for another couple messages now!
  6. Jukeshoe
    07-31-2019 03:30 PM
    "zgmc has exceeded his private message storage space"

  7. Jukeshoe
    06-26-2019 04:04 PM
    "zgmc has exceeded his private message storage space"

  8. Jukeshoe
    05-24-2019 09:12 AM
    Wise move!
  9. zgmc
    05-24-2019 09:10 AM
    I'm in the process of ridding myself of all drivers in favor of a mostly condor bag.
  10. Jukeshoe
    05-24-2019 08:56 AM
    I can say with, ahem, "condor" that I had a super fun time yesterday! Good rounds and good fun!

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