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  1. Jukeshoe
    07-28-2020 08:55 PM
    I hear that. Our whole yard is organic, which means I manually remove chit like poison ivy from my bushes every year. Why can't the deer eat that?

    I think the exception is we accidentally planted a gifted tomato plant that was Monsanto. Whatever.
  2. joshhyzer
    07-28-2020 08:48 PM
    The heat and bugs are the biggest problem for me. Kind of defeats the purpose of growing your own, if you're just going to spray a bunch of chemicals on them.
  3. Jukeshoe
    07-28-2020 08:44 PM
    We were going to double our raised bed space but ended up not because of uncertainty surrounding the plague. Definitely going to invest in a better fencing setup next year, too. Going through all the daily work only to see critters get there first is demoralizing.
  4. joshhyzer
    07-28-2020 08:41 PM
    Didn't plant anything this year. Just didn't feel up to the work. I should get after some herbs, though.

    I've just been using the regular brine with a few adjustments. Next few batches are going to be dedicated to getting a good spicy bread and butter pickle. Most are filled with way too much sugar.
  5. Jukeshoe
    07-28-2020 08:35 PM
    Watch out for v that guy. Trouble for sure.

    You gardening this year? How's it going? Things aren't so hot this time around...tomatoes, cukes, and carrots (a little of the dill, too) are getting wailed on by the wildlife, despite our fence...fawns keep hopping it and going to town. Despite upping the number of cuke plants this year, we're already way behind last year. I'm hoping they rebound, I want pickles.

    Ever find a dill pickle recipe you like? Willing to try new things.
  6. joshhyzer
    02-02-2020 04:04 PM
    I just used whatever bagged cucumbers Publix had. Not sure on the type.

    Used up all my jars on green beans, asparagus, and cucumbers. Once I free up a couple jars, I'll be trying out some eggs.
  7. Jukeshoe
    02-02-2020 09:34 AM
    I don't pre-salt.

    Which type(s) of cucumber(s) are you using? I've done several different types and it really makes a difference. National Pickling variety is what I used this year. Not only did I get a bumper crop, but they're the right size/crispness (if picked and processed promptly) for pickling.

    Other variety cukes I've used have turned out with varying results, none of which were as good as this year's batch of National Pickling cukes.

    Hope that helps.

    Did you pickle them eggs?
  8. joshhyzer
    02-02-2020 12:29 AM
    Do you salt your cucumbers before you put them in the brine? I love pickles, but hate cucumbers and everything I've tried still has a cucumber background.
  9. Jukeshoe
    01-24-2020 07:01 PM
    I tried several different recipes this year. All pretty standard stuff. IIRC towards end of season ended up going more with apple cider vinegar over white.

    Typical brine: 2 cups vinegar, 2 cups water, 2 Tbsp pickling salt, 1 Tbsp sugar, several large heads of home-grown dill, 4 cloves garlic, 2 tsp mustard seed.

    Riff on that ad nauseam. Sometimes I'd throw in a random hot pepper (like halbenero) for a bit of spice. Tried jalepenos but they added too much acidity and assy-taste-ness.
  10. joshhyzer
    01-24-2020 06:01 PM
    Gonna do a cold ferment pickle this weekend and thought I'd give some eggs a try, too. What's your cuke brine?

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