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Conversation Between Ace D and shoe59
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  1. Ace D
    03-10-2018 09:46 AM
    Ace D
  2. shoe59
    01-28-2016 03:00 PM
    Zone. That is all
  3. Ace D
    04-12-2015 10:49 AM
    Ace D
    Is there any D this year?
  4. Ace D
    11-06-2013 11:43 AM
    Ace D
    5 days till Skyrim
  5. shoe59
    07-14-2011 03:24 AM
    A boat's a boat, but the box could be anything! It could even be a Boatman.... we'll take the box.
  6. Ace D
    05-11-2011 04:00 PM
    Ace D
    exactly 6 months...!
  7. shoe59
    05-11-2011 02:28 AM
    frisbeerancher is really hitting the spot for me right now...
  8. shoe59
    04-26-2011 02:54 AM
    there aren't any good discs on ebay...
  9. shoe59
    01-14-2011 02:40 AM
    Chalk up 2 more this week... 150g Champ Eagle and Teebird (in my album)
  10. Ace D
    01-03-2011 05:33 PM
    Ace D
    Found today on 7 at grigs, "the giving hole": 150 Star Valkyrie. It's such sex orange that you could throw it to me and say "here's your Orc" and I would believe you. How many Grooves you wanna trade for it?

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