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  1. sisyphus
    01-18-2019 07:16 PM
    Ah, I see, those are "Wish Listed", if I ever get over to "the continent"!
  2. sisyphus
    01-18-2019 07:14 PM
    Hey Tracy, glad to hear from you and that you're still enjoying your travels.
    Nope, haven't been to Spain. I'll have to take a look if there's a similar username running around Europe.
    Yep, playing a lot locally with my buddy Troy. Still working the 9 to 5 (er, 7:30 to 3:30 I guess), so not a lot of road trips lately myself. Take care, safe travels and many, many more years of healthily enjoying life!
  3. The Valkyrie Kid
    01-18-2019 12:09 AM
    The Valkyrie Kid
    Hi Jeff,

    I see you played the two courses in Spain near Aviles . Why no reviews? I’m just now finishing up on negioations with a lady in Aviles about a home exchange this August. If I can get it done, I will definitely play all three of the courses in that area.

    Hope all is well with you and that you are still playing a lot.

    My wife and I are just finishing a two week home exchange here in San Diego and on Sunday, I’ll put my wife on a plane bound for Seattle and then I’ll have two weeks to drive from San Diego to Napa and back playing as many courses as this tired old body can handle.


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