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  1. bazillion
    12-03-2010 05:41 PM
    Man that is just a freakin ungodly hour! Isn't it like all dark and the grass is wet with dew and stuff?
  2. OcDiscGolf
    12-03-2010 05:38 PM
    I'm going to try but Sundays at 9 have been really tough. I've been playing early mornings almost every weekend though at 6 to 6:30 usually Saturday and Sunday.
  3. bazillion
    12-03-2010 05:30 PM
    Gonna make it out to LaMa this Sunday?
  4. bazillion
    11-16-2010 04:37 PM
    I'll be @ Deerfield on Sunday (11/21) morning if it doesn't rain, hopefullly earlier than 9 - you down?
  5. bazillion
    10-04-2010 05:59 PM
    Hellz yeah!!!
  6. OcDiscGolf
    10-04-2010 05:16 PM
    Deerfield on Sunday!!!! Woo-hoo! Think we'll see any Aces?
  7. bazillion
    10-01-2010 12:27 PM
    Sweet! We're trying to get it together to get out there again after work - right now there's too much other **** getting in the way but maybe next week ...

    Btw, you gonna be at Eldo on Sunday?
  8. OcDiscGolf
    10-01-2010 11:58 AM
    I played a few rounds at Deerfield yesterday and Finally Birdied # 5 again. Same shot I had before but nailed the 25 footer.
  9. bazillion
    09-07-2010 01:51 PM
    That was the best dubs round I've ever played - all the more so because I was able to contribute despite my well-known noodle arm.

    Hope to be able to make Sylmar next wkend - you gonna be there?
  10. OcDiscGolf
    09-07-2010 01:47 PM
    Had a blast on Sunday. You guys almost got us! If not for my parked drive on # 17 I think you guys would have had it. Post that group pic when you get a chance.

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