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  1. TheWCG
    04-23-2015 08:56 AM
    Lol. I got hit by some scammer?? Things have been good!! I got Jrocks and Texas mike coming out here in a couple weeks. Hopefully this snow stops up here.
  2. Jukeshoe
    04-23-2015 07:38 AM
    What's been shakin', bacon?!

    You've been learning vvv Vietnamese???
  3. TheWCG
    02-25-2015 09:58 AM
    I could probably pull that off? They're cool out here with taking time off unlike my job back home.
  4. Jukeshoe
    02-25-2015 09:40 AM
    "Where is outlaw this year??"

    Beats me...I didn't know where it was until a couple of weeks prior last year.

    You coming back for it?!
  5. Jukeshoe
    02-14-2015 11:19 AM
    As soon as possible, my friend!!

    Anna just got a new job with, like, paid vacay n shizzz....might not be for another year or so but we're definitely planning UT/CO/MO/WY for our next trip.
  6. TheWCG
    02-13-2015 10:39 PM
    July ma man. When you visiting?
  7. Jukeshoe
    02-13-2015 11:40 AM
  8. Jukeshoe
    11-21-2014 07:35 AM
  9. TheWCG
    11-20-2014 11:27 PM
    I think this might be the longest I've gone without discin. I bought a ski pass and ive been just riding my snowboard super cheezy all the time. I'll probably make it down to denver a couple times this winter to disc though.
  10. Jukeshoe
    11-20-2014 10:15 AM
    Hey hey!

    What's been shaking out your way? Anything new and/or exciting?

    You been baggin' lotsa courses or doing more the skiiiiiii thang?

    Anna moved in, we're all settled up, and ready to cause trouble.

    So watch out.

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