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Conversation Between Clinging Chains and Jarad
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  1. Jarad
    05-03-2010 12:25 AM
    hey man, thanks for the response. the kid told me on the phone he gave it to somebody with you, and thought his name was jerry.. im going to have to ask alex cause i know mergo doesnt have it. if you remember anything at all let me know, until then ill search for it, thanks for the help. peace
  2. Clinging Chains
    05-02-2010 07:58 PM
    Clinging Chains
    hey man i got your message about your disc, i do remember that last time i played when i was with you someone was talking about having your disc but he didnt have it on him at the time. As for him saying he gave it to one of my friends, i am not aware of that at all, if so though most likely it would be either mergs or alex considering those are the two i pretty much shoot with on the regular, good luck with the search

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