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  1. noahrienks
    10-26-2010 10:06 AM
    I just picked upa a max weight Star RR from some dudes at LC yesterday. I also bought a max weght avenger, and I don't think you'd want that. I will keep looking for a lighter Avenger for you. You want X not ESP or Z?
  2. Three Putt
    10-20-2010 10:51 PM
    Three Putt
    Also, I saw you had a profile on Disc Golf Scene and linked the email you gave me last night to the league page. Your profile should have your league scores entered automatically now, and you get little star icons for each week that you and Paul had the lowest score in your flight. It's kinda cool; we should use that site to post the winter league scores at LC.
  3. Three Putt
    10-20-2010 10:40 PM
    Three Putt
    Hey, if you can come up with an X Avenger in the 160's that would be cool and cheaper than a Star Roadrunner. I have not had a lot of luck finding a light Star Roadrunner except online. I liked that Avenger of yours, all except the not being round part. The Avenger is a little slower so it works better for me than a Surge anyway.
  4. Three Putt
    09-15-2010 03:20 PM
    Three Putt
    Well, we will see. I know a guy who throws the R-Pro Boss, he might trade a light Boss for the Surge. I field tested the Surge this morning and could not throw it at all. It's too fast for my weenie arm.

    Of course an R-Pro Boss is probably too fast for my weenie arm as well, so if I can come up with one from someplace else I'm probably not out anything trading it to you for a Surge. Give me a few days to work on it.
  5. noahrienks
    09-15-2010 01:48 PM
    Very cool with R Pro! I want it! I NEED it!
  6. Three Putt
    09-15-2010 12:43 AM
    Three Putt
    Hey, I didn't tell you that the only plastic they can get the Boss down to 150 in is R-Pro. Are you cool with R-Pro.
  7. Three Putt
    09-12-2010 09:34 PM
    Three Putt
    I've got you Ace Race package as well. I'll get all that to you on Tuesday. I am off tomorrow, so you can call me if you want it sooner.
  8. Three Putt
    09-09-2010 09:58 PM
    Three Putt
    Hey, I got your Avenger across the valley on #5. That was the first time I cleared it off the tee on that hole. I might have to get one of my own.

    Oh, yeah. I was throwing your Avenger. Hope you don't mind. I only threw it on the open drives on # 5 and # 6, although one time it flipped on me hard on # 6 and headed for the lake but it came back.
  9. Three Putt
    09-07-2010 10:49 PM
    Three Putt
    So I'm looking at your Avenger. Dude, you cracked this disc against something but good. The whole rim dips down on the "r" side of the disc. That's why it's flippy. The damn thing isn't even round anymore!

    Anyway, it's in my bag. Remind me to give it to you when I see you. Have fun in South Bend.
  10. noahrienks
    08-27-2010 05:38 PM
    Everytime I see you I expect to see Bob Ross. But when I see you I'm disappointed because you look nothing like him. Happy Trees.

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