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  1. timg
    11-01-2008 04:38 PM
    Hey Tortoise,

    It looks like you're already using the disc tracker and scorebook and those are two of the most useful things on the site other than the reviews of course.

    As far as the rating, it's entirely based on what people think of your reviews. If you write good reviews, people will vote "helpful" for them and eventually you'll gain a trusted reviewer medal.

    Thanks for using the site!
  2. Tortoise
    11-01-2008 04:21 PM

    I love you site I use it almost everyday. I'm trying use learn more about the site to use it to it's full potential. Do you have any suggestions?

    Also how do you increase your membership rating. Is it the number of reviews or the number of times play. Your the number of postings. Or a combination of all three.

    Thank you again for this awesome site.


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