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  1. The Hammer
    10-19-2012 11:24 AM
    The Hammer
    Excellent use of the Hammer time gif.
  2. The Hammer
    08-25-2012 11:04 AM
    The Hammer
    No, it's Dikembe. j/k. Yeah, that's me.
  3. The Hammer
    08-20-2011 11:44 AM
    The Hammer
    Apparently. I can't believe how quickly that took off. Clearly a big point of contention among our golfers. I know my side lost the poll, but I still fell like I won after Chuck posted that everyone on the other side was a noob. Too funny.
  4. bergdawg
    08-20-2011 01:39 AM
    Almost 40 pages in less than 12 hours. It's a good topic, dude!
  5. The Hammer
    05-24-2011 09:59 AM
    The Hammer
    I'm not sure, as they only measured the two furthest drives between the five of us, and I wasn't one of them. It wasn't far though......maybe 400'. We only got two drives each, and both of mine turned over too hard and grounded out. It was pretty terrible.
  6. bergdawg
    05-23-2011 06:20 PM
    Hey dude,
    Out of curiosity, how far did you throw in that long drive contest in your pic?

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