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  1. ejvogie
    08-03-2011 10:40 PM
    You going to the Ohio meet?
  2. ejvogie
    06-03-2011 11:07 AM
    Yeah, Monroe St. The lady behind the counter said they had JUST come in. The were still in a stack on the floor.
  3. ejvogie
    04-12-2011 10:31 PM
    No, started back to work at the zoo. As I work outside, we're basically "on call" until weather stabilizes. No more babies (I hope )

    Nobody here runs an "official" Discraft ace race, but they do run two a year. 1 on Memorial Day and 1 on Labor Day. Both at Vienna Park IIRC.
  4. ejvogie
    04-09-2011 09:32 PM
    I'm on call pretty much all next week, when did you have in mind?
  5. ejvogie
    04-02-2011 11:16 PM
    I definitely need me some field work. Gotta try and get my shoulder strength worked up too. Doc says the rotator cuff isn't torn and making it stronger should help, I hope.
  6. cfair
    04-02-2011 10:17 PM
    thanks I'll try to hang with you some then. I'd also love to do field work sometime soon if you're interested.
  7. ejvogie
    04-02-2011 12:41 PM
    Parmalee - 5:30 Thursdays, $5 entry, $2 ace
    Ottawa - 6:00 Fridays, $5 entry, $1 ace
    Vienna - Noon Sundays, $6 entry, $1 ace
  8. cfair
    04-02-2011 10:53 AM
    Holla! What leagues/weeklys/doubles do you go to around our area? There is one at parmalee, ottowa, and anywhere else? Times?
  9. ejvogie
    03-06-2011 01:08 AM
    Next event is March 26th at Carter, 2 rounds of 21
  10. cfair
    03-06-2011 12:52 AM
    let me know when stuff is going on, I probably try to join to play
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