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  1. rsr2
    05-03-2013 05:31 AM
    Yeah I will do that and same if you happen to come up here to Traverse City area. I am always down to go.
  2. rshrevo
    05-02-2013 01:31 PM
    No problem. when you decide to come down you can try and contact myself, apdrvya, or bender and we might be able and willing to join you for a round. my folks used to live in Bear Lake years ago so i know the area of Kalkaska pretty well.
  3. rsr2
    05-02-2013 12:58 PM
    Hey thank you very much I will keep that in mind when I come down and get a weekend trip together. Once again thanks!
  4. rshrevo
    05-01-2013 12:21 AM
    for courses in grand rapids area. like bender said jaycee and old farm are good brewer is alright. fallsburg is a little more technical. the hard part is sometimes locating the course the first time. you need to drive past the park to the next street turn right go over the bridge and turn right into the parking lot. on your way back to kalkaska there are a lot of great courses to hit. i would recommend branstrom in fremont. Whitehall and Henderson Lake, Then there is always mason county park with the courses there and Leviathon just a few miles away there is one in scottville cant remember the name though

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