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  1. Cradical
    04-18-2009 11:53 AM
    Geeze that sounds awesome. I'm pretty sure the membership only lasts one year, but I am not totally sure. I always hear people talking about renewing their membership so I just assumed.
  2. mike_riewer
    04-17-2009 06:29 PM
    Yeah the ski course was in biwabik MN and cost 5 dollars. It is a totally different game with such elevation changes. One bad throw and you are 200 feet past the hole. Do you know if a membership last a year or lifetime?
  3. Cradical
    04-17-2009 11:15 AM
    nice, I think I'll probably pay to play those this summer then. I guess I just never thought it was worth it, though I've played Blue Ribbon Pines which was amazing. No, I haven't entered any tournaments yet but I'm hoping to maybe join a couple leagues in my area this year, and then maybe attend a tournament or two. I just don't really know how to go about that business plus I've heard that it costs $10 for non PDGA members but membership costs 50? so it'd only be worth it for 5 tournaments.. so I dunno.
  4. mike_riewer
    04-16-2009 09:31 PM
    Thanks for the courses! I have played one other ski resort course and loved it. definitly worth the money to play. I have not been in any tournements. Im not sure how to go about entering one and havent heard of too many. Have you played in tourneys?
  5. Cradical
    04-13-2009 11:14 PM
    Yeah the courses in St. Cloud are pretty amazing. Well, there are two courses between St. Cloud and the Cities just off 94 which are worth checking out, Sportsmans hill and Becker City park. Once you get to the city, I'd say Acorn, Kaposia, North Valley, Oakwood, and C.P. Adams are the good free courses, with Bryant Lake and Hyland ski and snowboard pay to play. Other than that, most of the courses aren't too difficult. Do you ever play in any tournaments?
  6. mike_riewer
    04-09-2009 10:08 PM
    Yeah I do have facebook. Michael Riewer, there arent to many with that name so... I love the courses in st. cloud too. me and my friends go about four or five times a year there and hope to make a few trips to the cities this year too. Any suggestions on courses?
  7. Cradical
    04-08-2009 09:10 PM
    Yeah I go to NDSU. I played a few times earlier this winter when it was still really snowy, but now with this flooding... I'm sure we won't be able to play until after school is out. At least I've gotten in plenty of discing around the St. Cloud area as well as down in the Cities. Do you have a facebook?
  8. mike_riewer
    04-05-2009 09:11 PM
    What school do you go to in the F-M area? I assume NDSU, which is where I go to but just wondering. I have been itching to go all winter and now with the river like it is I dont think we will be able to disc up here for another three weeks at least.

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