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  1. srm_520
    07-16-2010 09:53 PM
    You're such a chick dude. I call when I want to call. (grabs crotch and spits)

    Longmont has the two best courses, and are the two courses I have left to play, getting around 3 discs a piece. Dalaiwood was friggin sweet dude, I wish I had time to play it a few more times, but I had to get back to Bec in Gig Harbor. Good times. Finally made 100 courses! Wahoo - I love personal milestones that no one else cares about!
  2. davidjd21
    07-16-2010 01:58 PM
    Thanks for all the recent reviews, alleviates some of pain that work has kept me from getting out and playing myself. It also looks like you've provided me with a list of courses NOT to play next time we go to WY, what a string of crap. Glad you got to go play Dalaiwood, sounds like it was a pleasant change. New course just opened here that's not on the sight yet, I'll try to get pics and add it soon. I didn't know you were going to Seattle too, I can't believe you didn't call and tell me!
  3. davidjd21
    03-20-2010 06:54 PM
    Don't be in denial you better join the "Never had an Ace" social group!
  4. davidjd21
    03-20-2010 06:53 PM
    Happy Birthday man! Did you get a celebratory round in?
  5. davidjd21
    05-06-2009 04:28 PM
    Hey what's the wind like up there?
  6. srm_520
    05-03-2009 05:12 PM
    Happen to skim over my profile page today - I enjoyed you're little changes you made.

    Once I figure out how to get that picture of you playing in the water at Bear Branch on off my phone - It's totally being posted everywhere possible on this site.
  7. srm_520
    04-29-2009 11:07 AM
    Dude - the krull conversation - check out post #14

  8. srm_520
    03-12-2009 04:28 PM
    wow dude! You know you can't put this kind of stuff in my head! Ohhh, should I be moral or funny? I guess I'll take the high road, but just don't make me angry
  9. davidjd21
    03-12-2009 11:11 AM
    I just came across the post about how far you will go to find a disc. I was scrolling down and saw your name, my stomach lurched as I imagined scrolling down and seeing a picture of myself soaking wet in my boxers holding my new Dart!
  10. davidjd21
    03-11-2009 12:14 PM
    are you ever not on this site...get to work!

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