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  1. harr0140
    11-10-2009 12:01 AM
    Nice to see someone more addicted than me. You have seriously played 113 courses since June when you started the game? I thought I had it bad I am at 114 since January 1st when I started the game. I have written reviews for everyone of them too because I think my reviews can help people make decisions about going to those courses that are not well played. I take pride I have been the first person to write reviews for like 10 courses, because I know the info I put will help people make a decision about going or not going. I like to play them all no matter the size, difficulty, beauty. It doesnt matter I want to see every option for the game.
    Anyways I jsut thought I would say hello and congratulate you on being more addicted than me if your stats are correct . . . 113 courses in just about 5 months!

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