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  1. superberry
    05-10-2011 11:44 AM
    Cleanup/Maintenance needed...
    Hole #1 needs additional crusher dust tee material on Red
    Hole #2 needs a channel cut into the uphill side of the pad to allow water to drain out behind it, also needs new crusher dust on gold, blue, and red
    Hole #3 needs the blue tee dug out to be more rectangular and more crusher dust
    Hole #4 needs gold tee crusher dust
    Hole A needs blue tee crusher dust
    Hole B needs red tee crusher dust and a fallen tree cleared near the pin
    Hole 14 needs red and blue tee crusher dust
    Hole G needs a hanging branch pulled down
    Hole H needs some dead brush cleared uphill of the tee
    Hole 18alternate needs a red tee laid (long grass side of the fence by the pond, 2 sticks are marking the front edge)
  2. superberry
    05-10-2011 11:43 AM
    I plan to be out there at least one day on the next few weekends. Memorial day weekend we may camp a few days and be gone. If you wanted to work on karma out there, all you'd need is a shovel and handsaw for clearing trees/limbs, or working on leveling tees. If you also want to grab crushed stone off any of the existing piles with a wheelbarrow and fill in or rebuild existing tees (the piles are behind #2 primary pin, behind #6 primary pin, and a large pile in between the ponds but only the stuff underneath it is crusher dust, the top is junky sand/stone)
  3. superberry
    05-10-2011 11:39 AM
    There is quite a bit to do out there with just routine maintenance and cleanup from winter and spring. I haven't been getting out to work as much as I'd like because we are busy as heck trying to sell our house, deal with hail damage, and finalize our new home plans and estimates. I'll try to make a list below of work that needs to be done, hole #1 blue tee might have to move because the lifthouse keeps getting hit and damaged, and we haven't even begun on the new gold layout plan with new tee locations and gold pins. If you're interested in adopting a hole of your own and working on leveling a gold tee, you can grab a map of the 27 hole plan on the links tab here, and go out to the course and look for an orange flag in the ground denoting an approximate Gold Tee location (holes 3, 8, A, B, C, D, E, F, 13, 14, G, 15, and 18 will get new Gold tees) That may be a bit ambitious, but you could take a look.
  4. jhgonzo
    05-10-2011 02:50 AM
    Are you doing any work days in the coming weeks? I'm not doing the Highbridge Memorial Day trip this year due to finances and other BS, and the wife's going to mainland MI to visit family, so I'll have some days where I'm kid-free and itching for some karma points (even though I'm a nonbeliever in karma!). I'd love to come up and do something, even if you're not available, so let me know and hopefully we can work something out!
  5. superberry
    09-30-2010 09:45 AM

    I've been rotting away at about 330 thumbs up for a long time, I finally started reviewing some courses I've previously played, just to get some votes flowing. Unfortunately because I haven't played them in a while, they're not fresh in my head, so I picked the lower quality courses, and the local haters have pummeled me with thumbs down because I called their turd a turd.

    Perkins specifically - I REALLY think it is junk. Essentially the same type of hole for 18 holes in a row, oh but wait, only 9 baskets AND crappy tees, so you get more turds on top of the pile of flat land, large tree course. Dineen has been funneling in the down votes too, but I know a lot of Milwaukee crew doesn't like me because I always call them out on their secretive and specific ways, not being open to others, and Dineen is just so sub par of a course (walking back up fairways to the next tee on that huge park??) that I couldn't help it.
  6. jhgonzo
    09-29-2010 03:28 PM
    Happy Gold TR achievement!
  7. jhgonzo
    09-12-2009 11:51 AM
    Yeah, I've noticed the golfers out there--when I actually run into any!--are the more serious type and much more respectful of the land. The vandalistic scumbags tend to not want to drive a half hour to f--- s--- up, so they stay in their comfort zone, which sucks for THEIR local courses (cough, Baird Creek, cough), but definitely makes things easier on guys like you.

    It's exciting for me to have such a highly-rated course within a 45-minute drive. Of course, even if it wasn't "Top 10 according to DGCR," it'd still be my fave in the area. Hopefully all this attention won't attract more douchebags. Maybe you should set up some douchebag traps (like a bear trap, but baited with 40-ouncers and schwag blunts) deep in the woods just in case...since we know that's where most of their shots will end up!
  8. superberry
    09-12-2009 11:30 AM
    I think our remote location is helping in terms of ratings too. Only people who WANT to play it and who have read about the challenge are coming out to play, and thus reviewing favorably. If we were stuck in the middle of a city park, we'd have all the typical pansy casual golfers who actually don't like to be challenged.
  9. superberry
    09-12-2009 10:23 AM
    I know, I've been running the numbers. It feels neat, and is pretty exciting. You see, I suffer from designer syndrome - I know exactly, every little thing that went into the course and why. So I see it differently, I also see all the flaws, or things yet to be fixed, or a change for the better. It's like a curse, keeping me from just enjoying a round out there. Because of it I tried purposely to not do too much work out there this season and just let it be. It sure is nice to see "my baby" in the top 5 though!
  10. jhgonzo
    09-11-2009 09:58 PM
    Man, that Winter Park wish list has about doubled in size in the last few days! And at 5th on the Top 10...a few more 5-disc reviews and you're looking at Top 3! Awesomeness!

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