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  1. Danger
    12-23-2011 04:08 AM
    lol why yes I did! That is such a great place.
  2. snappyfingers
    12-09-2011 05:15 AM
    Playing Verdugo tomorrow? Full 18 are in....
    Did you see the video of me from Verdugo?
  3. snappyfingers
    11-17-2011 12:04 AM
    Wow, what a psycho. Great way to rep "Bako" bro!!! Lolz
  4. Danger
  5. snappyfingers
    11-16-2011 09:59 PM
    Missed the threat thread... link?
  6. Danger
    11-16-2011 09:55 PM
    Yeah, sounds like a good time. I really need to get back up there. Did you see the locked thread where the psycho from Bakersfield threatened me? Cuh-razy!
  7. snappyfingers
    11-16-2011 09:01 PM
    It was a good time. I got too drunk, as usual, and finished poorly. Had fun though! I'm super jealous of your trip coming up!!!
  8. Danger
    11-15-2011 06:51 PM
    eeh couldn't find a ride! I really plan on being there in 2 weeks though (outta town next week)
  9. snappyfingers
    11-14-2011 05:09 PM
    See you today?
  10. Danger
    09-04-2011 06:12 PM
    I kind of avoid OG during the summer, but I'll see it soon! Sky High tomorrow!!!!

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