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Conversation Between Three Putt and Jukeshoe
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  1. Jukeshoe
    07-14-2016 10:54 PM
    Hook, line, sinker.
  2. Three Putt
    07-14-2016 10:50 PM
    Three Putt
    Lol. I knew you couldn't let a put-down of his early solo stuff stand unchallenged.
  3. Jukeshoe
    07-14-2016 10:01 PM
    I wouldn't say that I'm missing it, Bob.
  4. Three Putt
    07-14-2016 04:32 PM
    Three Putt
    you are missing a John Frusciante discussion in the ask sillybizz thread.
  5. Jukeshoe
    05-31-2016 08:11 PM
    You got me...
  6. Three Putt
    05-31-2016 08:05 PM
    Three Putt
    I've read the hammock forums. You can't fake that kind of enthusiasm.
  7. Jukeshoe
    05-31-2016 07:21 PM
    Are you thinking of our friend Eric by chance?

    I'm strictly a tent user. But thanks for the concern!
  8. Three Putt
    05-31-2016 06:56 PM
    Three Putt
    Be safe out there. man!
  9. Three Putt
  10. Jukeshoe
    05-19-2016 09:58 PM
    Ooo. Thanks for the heads up!

    I could say I've seen them pre- and post- hiatus.

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