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  1. Mushin No Shin
    11-23-2009 04:26 PM
    Mushin No Shin
    "I do exactly the opposite. If it's DX I will go out of my way to return that inferior plastic. I consider it a blight of society. An abomination. It must be returned to the original owner since me possessing it makes me abetting in this travesty against mankind. By all means it must be returned.

    Now Star plastic? I'll never call or return the pure, virgin-like polymer. I can feel my inner soul being fortified just being in its presence."

    That's too funny dude.
    I've got a stack of found inked virginesque plastic that I will never allow back into the world. It's only to be perused by me in the cover of night. Where no one can see me and my precious free plastic.
    Somebody should make a movie about this... Silence of the Disc
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