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  1. Midnightbiker
    05-06-2012 12:17 AM
    I am not sure what the schedule will be like. I know I will be there for a week, but I don't think I will be able to play Monday though Friday, so I guess Saturday will be the best day. I will let you know when I have more details.
  2. mrstiggy
    05-06-2012 12:15 AM
    Congrats.... Dunno how much you know about the DFW scene, but if you got time, we should do a day at Lorch. If its limited, let me know, there are plenty of course with in 15-20 mins of irving that are worth a play.
  3. Midnightbiker
    05-05-2012 11:59 PM
    I got the Job, and I might be in Irving in about 4 weeks
  4. Midnightbiker
    04-03-2012 09:50 PM
    I might be coming to Dallas soon. I am working on getting this new job and if I do, I know they will be soon sending me to Dallas for a week for training. I will let you know when
  5. mrstiggy
    04-03-2012 02:30 PM
    I just started playing again this season, you are always welcome to a few friendly rounds with me if you ever find yourself in Dallas.
  6. Midnightbiker
    05-02-2010 10:33 AM
    looking forward to playing Kingwood with you today. Had a good time last time.
  7. Midnightbiker
    04-28-2010 05:51 PM
    You still plan on playing Kingwood on Friday? Pm me your number, so we can both be on the same page.
  8. mrstiggy
    04-23-2010 05:13 PM
    Friday afternoon would be good, I can meet a kingwood. I should be done with work by about 12-1. No worries, I suck, just love to play, and new courses to boot. I want to see you "Endor" course
  9. Midnightbiker
    04-23-2010 03:34 PM
    Friday or Sunday would be good. I might be a little tired on Sunday afternoon, but Friday would be good because I am off that day, and I hope to wake up about 1pm. Did you want to meet at my home course in Kingwood?
  10. mrstiggy
    04-22-2010 10:58 PM
    How about on Sunday? I might be able to get out of work for a bit on friday too.

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