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  1. Midnightbiker
    08-27-2009 11:34 PM
    Supposedly she is not a slobberer. She is very loving, and loves to cuddle, but she rarely licks. I think she was hit for that as a puppy, so she doesn't very often. She loves everyone , especially kids. She follows me around alot, so my wife says she is a "daddy's girl". She is 10 years old now, and doing well. She is very funny, because she only howls when she gets pissed, or she wants your attention. I used to have a male, that I got as a puppy. He loved to slobber, and was very friendly ,but he didn't mind very well. Daisy, my female, minds very well. I can walk her with out a leash around the apartment complex, and all the neighbors know her and like her alot.
  2. tomschillin
    08-27-2009 11:30 PM
    that's where the name came from, and when my wife got her dog (before we were married) i suggested that name, but then I thought that might be a little cheesey...she got a girl dog, but named her Laney, she's a black lab...by the way, your hound looks like he's a lover...is he a slobberer too?
  3. Midnightbiker
    08-27-2009 11:23 PM
    He looks like a great dog. I love the name. Now you need to get a girl dog named "Pink"
  4. tomschillin
    08-27-2009 11:22 PM
    thanks man, best 85 bucks i ever spent! his name is Floyd and the only thing i love more than him is my wife...but you know how it is...
  5. Midnightbiker
    08-27-2009 11:17 PM
    Thats a cool looking dog in the picture

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