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Conversation Between Jay Dub and Midnightbiker
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  1. Midnightbiker
    11-22-2010 06:35 PM
    I love it. I would love to have that in my car. We used to moon people when were teens. Oh the fun we used to have. We once even pulled up in front of the big window at Wendy's and mooned the whole place
  2. Jay Dub
    11-22-2010 05:05 PM
    Jay Dub
    Ha! Thanks. It's Mr Moon. You put it either on your dashboard or in the back window of your car. As you stop and go it moves back and forth like a bobble head, but different, and moons people.
  3. Midnightbiker
    11-22-2010 04:41 PM
    Your avatar cracks me up.

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