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  1. Donovan
    07-10-2009 09:25 AM
    I was in the same way. I woke up at like 0300 and could not sleep. I went played a bunch at Cedar Hill that morning too. I was dead tired, but still played well. I think I was excited about going.
  2. XxInnovaxX
    07-09-2009 05:49 AM
    dude its almost 4 in the morning, what are you doin up? what am i doing up?!? man i hate this, i cant sleep worth a d#$n...i was gonna say musta had too much coke, but that wouldve thrown out a wrong image...lets just say ive drank too many sodas lol
  3. Donovan
    05-16-2009 06:41 PM
    You are killing me! LOL BTW, I think Des is voting for Z-Boaz. Cool video huh?
  4. XxInnovaxX
    05-16-2009 06:29 PM
    *calls ken climo*
    *asks for favor*
  5. Donovan
    05-16-2009 06:25 PM
    In order for Veterans to make the Top Ten, it will need a better spokes person. LOL
  6. XxInnovaxX
    05-16-2009 06:11 PM
    Veterans for top ten in texas!!! yee-haw
  7. Donovan
    05-13-2009 03:10 AM
    SO glad you loved Z-Boaz bro. I hope the instructions were helpful. Sorry we could not hook up for that trip.
  8. XxInnovaxX
    05-13-2009 01:03 AM
    finally went out to Z-boaz!!! that course was the BOMB man....loved it
  9. Donovan
    04-11-2009 07:08 AM
    Tell Daniel, he's lucky I am working and can't beat on him! I'm sure one of my discs might have hit him.
  10. XxInnovaxX
    04-11-2009 01:09 AM
    yea man, its justin. im gonna see if i can make it out to veterans tommorow. see ya out there

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