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  1. pokamitch
    04-29-2010 11:11 AM
    we are gonna start around 730. But, if u live in LA county, unless it is LB or SB, that is a drive. Just let me know when u wanna play here and I'll throw with ya
  2. Danger
    04-29-2010 02:41 AM
    I will try my best but I am a pretty bad flake....what time are you planning on going? I have early dinner plans at 4 up here in lala land......but maybe after? If I decide not to flake? LOL
  3. pokamitch
    04-29-2010 01:19 AM
    Cool, sound like ya outta play it with a few times then map it if ya want. Matter fact, me and js are playin tommorow night
  4. Danger
    04-28-2010 10:20 PM
    well, photoshop is a image editing program, a pretty expensive one at that. I would definitely have to play it with you and I am leaving the state in less than a week. I tried to make a map for Mills and P Anderson; been to both twice, but just dont remember them well enough to confidently map em
  5. pokamitch
    04-28-2010 07:52 PM
    nevermind, I tried to get a SS and can't figure out where it went to my comp and I don't even wanna figure out photo shop. Guess the only way to know it is to throw it with me or someone I have shown it to. Makes it'S cooler I guess. Those other maps are nice too
  6. pokamitch
    04-28-2010 07:41 PM
    Nah, I want to do it, but don't know how. (like actually what is photoshop?). I can do the screen shot....
  7. Danger
    04-28-2010 04:45 PM
    Its all just google map screen shot overlays on photoshop...pretty easy from there. I would have to go down and play your course....and memorize it LOL to do it for you though!!!!!

    Oh, and check out my maps for Sylmar and Whittier, too!!!! I'm very proud of my boredom art. LOL.
  8. pokamitch
    04-28-2010 03:54 PM
    Dude, I need your help making a map for Twila. I want to show the Guerrila course I designed on this site. I saw what you did with Cinejo, can you tell me how to mark on those google maps?
  9. pokamitch
    02-25-2010 03:23 AM
    Dude, get with me and we can play the 18 I got set at Twila. It is mad fun for a lil course. BTW, great work on your reviews. A lot of new guys suck at evaluation, but you got a knack!!

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