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Where 4 long time friends discuss disc golf, planning trips to play disc golf, and anything else.
5 1 13,168 57
09:13 AM
Polite discussion on various techniques, materials, and designs. Warm tea and "kuggies" are always on for fellow "knit wits."
19 279 189,785 142
"What day is it?" asked Pooh. "It's today," squeaked Piglet. "You know what the f*** I mean," said Pooh.
23 52 15,254 22
Whether you're a top 10 or completely off the map... or anything in the middle.
17 6 26 0
For players who live and play in Northern California
58 15 122 9
12:49 PM
the ultimate site for prerube's bang shed and all bang sheds ever.
27 4 40 0
12:23 AM
For followers of Jesus who like to play disc golf. People who are spiritually thirsty and seeking God are also welcome, but all discussions must be cordial. This group is designed to be a safe place to share personal information and prayer requests, therefore anything written here is not to be taken outside of this group. Any content here is not to be shared elsewhere through email, other group discussions, PM, text, or any other means unless permission is given by the author. Anyone who does so will have their membership immediately cancelled and a swarm of fire ants will be sent to crawl up your legs.
281 61 577 5
It's more fun to play without a bag. Extreme mold minimilization discussion.
13 18 72 1
08:57 AM
A group for those whom cannot throw discs with curved inner rims.
5 2 5 0
02:09 AM
Must Have A DGCR Travel Tag to join, Approval when your name is confirmed on the main Travel Tag list. Talk and discussions about tag swaps, past meets, and playing while on the road. To buy a tag, go to the members tab and look to the far right of the drop down bar, you will see "Travel Tags", the rest should be self explanatory, they are only $10 which is really not bad for the potential memories they will make you and the quality of the tag is superior.
46 11 64 6
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