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Group of people who like to play disc golf in and around Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota.
91 16 41 0
11:16 PM
Not just surviving, but fighting and making changes. For anyone with love of the game, who is downright baffled and speechless when it comes to litter, vandalism, and destruction on a course. For anyone who just cannot grasp why people would crap where they play!!! For anyone who picks up more trash than they bring in. Or those baffled how trash ends up next to a garbage can, or who can't understand how an empty can is more difficult to carry out than a full one was to carry in. For anyone who puts blood, sweat, tears, misery, heartache, and money into a course and appreciates keeping it beautiful. For anyone who hates 'fueled' morons who invade courses by the masses, littering, yelling, vandalizing, and perpetuating their supreme idiocy in ignorant displays of useless and worthless acts of disrespect.
142 4 31 2
Group for DGers that enjoy the subtleties of throwing putters and slow discs that resemble to lids of old. We know these discs aren't just for "n00bs"
32 6 102 7
01:33 PM
For disc golfers in the 512 area code.
1 0 0 0
I like beer, and disc golf.
107 9 115 0
04:53 AM
Talk about the courses you're playing: Complain, compliment, critique, give tips, hints, rave and flame.
3 58 85 0
06:10 PM
Disc Golfers from southern Virginia, western North Carolina and East Tennessee who want to get together and play disc golf and/or talk about anything disc golf related.
3 1 1 0
11:50 AM
For any disk golfers that live in tennessee. If you live close like north georgia and any other close section your welcome as well. But your main courses you play should be in tennessee.
32 8 27 31
Let's go scare the hell out of some trees!
74 210 1,724 139
08:25 PM
For people in or around Missouri that enjoy disc golf and want to talk local courses, tournaments, and trade techniques and strategies.
46 4 6 6
10:49 AM
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