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Polite discussion on various techniques, materials, and designs. Warm tea and "kuggies" are always on for fellow "knit wits."
18 286 210,079 132
"What day is it?" asked Pooh. "‘Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.’ ," squeaked Piglet. "Jesus ****ing Christ," said Pooh.
24 56 21,267 15
For followers of Jesus who like to play disc golf. People who are spiritually thirsty and seeking God are also welcome, but all discussions must be cordial. This group is designed to be a safe place to share personal information and prayer requests, therefore anything written here is not to be taken outside of this group. Any content here is not to be shared elsewhere through email, other group discussions, PM, text, or any other means unless permission is given by the author. Anyone who does so will have their membership immediately cancelled and a swarm of fire ants will be sent to crawl up your legs.
282 62 602 5
Where 4 long time friends discuss disc golf, planning trips to play disc golf, and anything else.
5 1 13,860 57
11:25 PM
A group for players in the Richmond, Tri Cities, or nearby areas to talk and plan some DG outings.
60 108 550 66
07:44 AM
A group to bring some camaraderie amongst the disc golfers of Lynchburg, Virginia and the surrounding areas.
11 2 2 0
11:02 AM
Hampstead sucks and this is where we recognize how much of a douche bag he is. Created by yours truly. I just DGAF anymore. He's a loser and deserves to know it. F off to you, so take a hint.
3 1 14 0
Group for people who've never had an ace. If you get one, post your success and get out!
170 73 204 0
03:21 PM
It's more fun to play without a bag. Extreme mold minimilization discussion.
19 24 136 1
08:00 PM
10 19 2,319 4
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