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The DGCR group for Florida Disc Golf Players! There is always a need for a good place to meet each other and talk trash about each other and their respective courses. Join up if you want to and lets try to get some friendly games organized. Please, you need to be at least 18 if you actually want to meet up and play. I do not want to be on dateline. If you have anything you would like to promote please let me know and I'll post it. *** I just moved so if you think you would like to take this group over feel free to pm me.
64 19 88 3
07:26 AM
A group for players in the Richmond, Tri Cities, or nearby areas to talk and plan some DG outings.
60 107 548 66
07:27 PM
Have you pushed a stroller around while playing disc golf? Have you double checked that your child was out of the way before you drove? This group is dedicated to the fathers out there on the course.
57 5 23 7
A social group for Disc Golfers from Pittsburgh and the surrounding area. This group is for players of all skill levels, ranging from the first time player to the seasoned pro. This group will provide contact between players in the region as well as provide updates on upcoming events.
57 10 138 4
02:08 AM
Disc Golfers of West Michigan, Unite!!! We have a lot of good courses in West Michigan and there are a lot of great people that play. This group is to help inform beginers and veterans alike on whats going on in the area and hopefully with tips and ideas to help all of us that love this amazing sport.
57 9 15 0
01:22 AM
For players who live and play in Northern California
57 15 120 9
07:51 PM
For all those REAL MEN out there that know pink discs are the best.
55 3 29 8
This is for Anyone whos ever got the chance to play THE "Flip City Disc Golf Park"
55 2 6 2
10:05 AM
A group for those nerds among us :D. Whatever your poison whether it is Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, D&D, MMORPS's, Video Games, Comic Books etc feel free to join.
53 10 112 0
07:37 PM
What is the Ultimate Reality? Is there a God or not? What about the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Join us for lively yet cordial discussions about faith, doubt, spirituality, God, atheism, agnosticism, you name it. This is a place for honest answers to honest questions. *Note carefully: All posts must be respectful and civil. If they are not they will be deleted without warning or explanation, and you may be banned from the group.
53 35 989 1
07:24 PM
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