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smarkquart 06-17-2012 11:13 PM

Plenty of used and newish throwers, priced lower and ready to move.
Here it is again, another sale thread to help me reduce my inventory. I am still sitting on numerous discs I have no intention of throwing ever again and are just collecting dust. Below is a preview of the inventory pages I created to better show you the individual discs.

The prices on the inventory sheet are there to help establish their value and condition in comparison to a new disc. They do not reflect the final price with shipping. I use this sheet locally as well, so shipping is most likely 3 dollars more for one disc and 5 dollars for two discs. Anything more than that and I will have to check with the post office.

If you have questions about individual discs, definitely let me know. Most of the discs with ink at least have had the name and number solidly blacked out. That is likely the black streak you see in many of the translucent discs in the picture. However, there a still a few where my number and name are still visible. Not all discs have been inked, so definitely feel free to ask questions if you are interested.

I am trying to move them, so I have no problem reducing prices even further if you ask for multiple discs.

As for trades, there is not a lot I am looking for, but here are a few I may consider:

9.5/10 - 168-172g - S Line FD - Neon yellow (priority on no ink)
KC Pro/ Pro/ CE TeeBird - 165-171g
Dyed Champ, Echo Star, or Star TeeBird - 165-171g - I have enough stock stuff
Dyed Star Rancho (flatter but not flat) or San Marino Rocs - 172-174g

Basically I am not looking for stock discs. I can get them quite easily and cheaply, as my over-flowing inventory can attest to. However, I realize I mainly have nothing of GREAT value that can trade straight up for what I am asking for. So, I have no problem trading quantity for quality.



UnitedPuppySlayer 06-17-2012 11:56 PM

How stable is the FR Orange Axis? Lost mine a while ago that was ridiculously HSS. Dibs if it's stable and you can wait a week till I'm back in town. (don't have to ship it then too)

rynoceros 06-23-2012 11:27 PM


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