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B The V 12-15-2022 04:21 PM


Originally Posted by seedlings (Post 3857405)
Ok, good to know. I have a bunch of NEO discs, and none are clear or semi-transparent. Including all the discs on shelves Iíve seen and handled.

Maybe? The stamp says NEO. I was kinda hoping Discmania was taking over production of Evolution line. Could just be a clear NEO as stated above. Last I heard, EVO was made in a different (nearby) facility.

Last I heard (and it was from a video with Jussi, so that tells you how long ago) all Evolution discs are being molded in house by Discmania. I have zero insider info and just going off what I heard which could be wrong.

Three Putt 12-15-2022 05:29 PM

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