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brutalbrutus 06-24-2019 03:27 AM

Archer vs Arrow: The End of a Debate?
These are Paul's first 9 events common to both years. Ledgestone isn't official yet so I didn't want to include it...


18...1040 1024 1049 2nd $600
19...1005 1030 1071 2nd $847

18...1027 1059 1059 1027 7th $1000
19...1021 1045 1076 1029 10th $781

18...1039 1086 1019 1026 5th $1400
19...1041 1061 1071 1071 4th $1543

18... 1033 1048 1018 3rd $1530
19... 1039 1098 1076 1st $3060

18...1065 1065 1056 1st $1200
19...1080 1087 1094 1st $1274

18...1048 1004 1033 13th $610
19...1068 1033 1082 1st $3510

GBO(3 rounds in '18)
18...1053 1039 1024 11th $850
19...1069 1045 1057 1010 1st $5000

San Fran
18...1055 1048 1050 1st $3310
19...1053 1046 1082 2nd $2290

18...1007 1041 1072 3rd $2000
19...1078 -989 1040 6th $1066
Average rating...
2018 1041.86
2019 1054.9

Average finish...
2018 5.1
2019 3.1

Total earnings...(Yes I know earning may differ from year to year)
2018 $12,500
2019 $19,371

the first half of 2018 was a bit below average for him but he's a really good archer whatever plastic he is throwing.;)

I think he will have to win at least 1 Worlds to really end the debate but he's doing a pretty good job so far, imo...

dreadlock86 06-24-2019 03:46 AM

Paul is not my favorite pro but i hope he wins Worlds this year just to silence the haters and show that the plastic doesn't matter.

either that or a 5 year 2nd place streak before moving on from the sport, forever creating a powerful myth and an even more die-hard Innova cult

wolfhaley 06-24-2019 04:40 AM

Paul isnt an Archer anymore. It's more what caliber he's choosing. I don't think there's any debate on his level of play. Just watch and it's obvious.

Nenja 06-24-2019 08:51 AM

On the other hand, didn't Discraft fine tune every mold he throws? :p

Moose33 06-24-2019 09:04 AM

Dude is parking 400ft holes with a big z Luna, he’s almost playing a different game.

I would consider myself a competent player and he could probably beat me with a Home Depot bucket lid and the middle bun from a Big Mac.

Streets 06-24-2019 09:08 AM

Heck if anything it looks like he improved with Discraft plastic. :popcorn:

VictorB 06-24-2019 09:16 AM

Was this ever really a debate in the first place?

MarkDSM 06-24-2019 10:27 AM


Originally Posted by Nenja (Post 3466090)
On the other hand, didn't Discraft fine tune every mold he throws? :p

I noticed that.

SonicGuy 06-24-2019 10:37 AM

I was a notable hater and I think the trend is towards me eating crow. Let's see how the year pans out though.


Originally Posted by Nenja (Post 3466090)
On the other hand, didn't Discraft fine tune every mold he throws? :p

Go on?

SD86 06-24-2019 11:04 AM

While the argument is well made, there is a small counter-argument I'll make here:

Paul McBeth never was happy with his overstable throwing putter/approach disc. Innova made the Aviar3 for him; it wasn't overstable enough. They made the AviarX3 for him; he never quite clicked with it. They made the Rat for him (IMHO just a very slightly longer AvX3); he didn't seem to love it, either.

McBeth also never got quite right with that disc arena which holds the Firebird. He tried the Monster, the FD3, the Sexton Firebird, the regular Firebird, and never seemed to be happy about it.

McBeth goes to Discraft. He is killing it with the Zone. He is loving the Zone, and throwing it on shots he never threw the AvX on.

He did throw the Nova a long way, but rarely threw it to his maximum distances; he is throwing that freakin' Luna pretty much into orbit, and accurately so.

So my counterpoint is that while McBeth could probably throw Franklin discs better than the rest of us can throw anything (okay, maybe Franklin discs are a stretch :p ), he is really, really clicking with a few of these Discraft discs, once they got them tweaked to 'McBeast Perfection'.

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