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timg 08-21-2013 11:36 AM

Newbie Forum Info.
This is a forum for new members to introduce themselves and post questions to start learning about the sport, the site, etc. Only members with less than 50 posts can create new threads in this forum but any member can respond.

A response of "use the search feature" is NOT acceptable. This has been an issue in other areas of the forum and the people doing it are not helping anyone by providing that little nugget of wisdom, what they are doing is discouraging people new to the sport from participating on the forum. If you went to a store asking where a certain product was and were told to "go look for it" with no guidance you probably wouldn't go back to that store. We were all new once, suck it up and be helpful or don't reply.

That said, replying with something unhelpful here will earn you an infraction or worse.

timg 08-21-2013 11:43 AM

Search Tips:


Added by NG:

The site's search tool kit is one way to search this site.
Another way is to use your favorite search engine.
If you use Google search try this as your search string:
site:dgcoursereview.com Aviar

In that case, I was asking Google to pull all results it has on the search term "Aviar" from this site.

Noill 10-29-2015 12:44 PM

Tips for using BBcode to embed YouTube vids, format text, and more:


^list of all BBcode in use on this site

The Youtube embed is a little confusing though, so here is a brief explanation:

Let's say you have this URL for a Youtube vid

You might think to use the entire URL string like this

^that won't work

rather, you just need the last part... namely "sNgZFxAnKtA"
it should look like this

...and if this vid is still working when you read this, you will get to watch a commercial for Calgon soap from the '80's. Enjoy ;)

Noill 11-01-2015 01:22 PM

Tips for using Visitor Messages (VMs):

When someone sends you a VM, in order to reply to them properly, there is a "View Conversation" link at the bottom right of the VM. Click this first before replying to the VM. Otherwise, you will only be sending a VM to yourself.

Noill 11-01-2015 01:26 PM

Tips for using the quote and multi-quote feature in posts:

When you want to quote someone's post in your post, click the "Quote" button (bottom right of the post) first. This will bring the quoted post into a new post.

If you would like to quote multiple posts, just to the right of the "Quote" button is a multi-quote button ("+). Click this for as many posts as you would like to quote in your post. On the last post that you would like to quote, click the "Quote" button... not the multi-quote button. This will bring all the posts you are quoting into a new post.

Noill 08-04-2016 01:47 PM

There is a lot of advice on the forums here on how to review a course that you have played. On DGCR, along with a review, there is a rating scale from 0 to 5 (5 being the top rating) in .5 increments. For example, you can rate a course 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, and so on like that. DGCR encourages you to write a review and give a rating for any course that you have played. As you play more and more courses, you will start to adjust how you rate and review them. You can go back and edit any of your reviews should you choose to do so.

As stated, there is an abundance of advice on how to go about rating/reviewing, below is one example.

Rate/Review courses that you play:


Originally Posted by timg (Post 1770)
Thanks go out to gwillim for coming up with this excellent set of guidelines for reviewing courses.

I usually rate courses on three category levels. It helps me to stay objective and not get my own personal feelings mixed into the review.

Category I, "Essential properties of a good course"
Baskets: (condition, make, etc)
Tee Pads: (material, condition, level?, etc)
Tee Signs/Maps/Markers: (present?, condition, clarity, accuracy)

Category II "Combine with cat I to make a great course"
General Course Design: (flow, loop back to start?, crossing fairways?, well defined fairways, etc)
Foliage Maintenance: (underbrush?, poison oak?, stinging nettles?, blackberries, etc, trees trimmed accordingly, grass cut regularly?)
Benches & Trash bins: (present?, condition?, emptied regularly?)

Category III
"bonus attributes to make an excellent course"
Elevation: (present?, optimized?, etc)
Epic Holes: (There are some holes you will never forget throwing)
Running water
Variety of hole distances
Variety of shots required
Mix of tight technical & Open bombs
Overall challenge
Scenic beauty
Crowded or not?
Regular events to participate in
Attitude of locals
and on and on and on.

Noill 02-05-2018 02:01 AM


Noill 04-09-2018 02:50 PM

Feel free to post questions or comments.

How did you find DGCR? Did you lurk for a while before posting?

Docxen 08-05-2018 06:00 PM

yea i lurked for about a month this was one of the first (and so far best) websites for disc golf i've found.

BTsagaris 08-29-2018 07:21 PM

Hi All!
New to the site.
Came across DGCR when looking for a map of the disc golf course closest to us, which is Floral Park, in Inverness FL. I have to say we have it lucky here 5 courses within 20 miles not bad for Sleepyville USA. Finally something really fun to do. From South FLA originaly. First played DG back in 2001 used to play with XHUB. Was still a total noob when I stopped so I know some basics but not much more. Now wanting to have a chill layback activity ( at least it always was when we played all day adventure but didn't mind the slow laid back vibe) too with my New Hubby and older kids they seem to really enjoy it. So my FIRST two questions are as follows:
I have one set of discs Innova brand putter, driver, mid. I am looking to purchase two more sets but want to expand to have a variety to try just as starter sets, so the question is
If there were two decent brands/models of each conservative in used price range what would be some good ones to expand with?
Also I noticed DGCR has a section where people sell could you tell me what exactly this listing info means and what is most important when looking for new discs?
How does the weighting work?
I am assuming the more grams shorter flight distance so heavier are putters lighter drivers

I'll wait till anyone responds before I bombard with too much info as this post is dragging butt as is. Thanks!

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