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breynnmike 11-23-2013 12:52 PM

What's the coldest day you'll play?
So obviously up here in northern IL it's cold and windy. I've been playing daily, even in the low 30's. Today was 23 degrees and I said screw it, I'll stay inside. I always wear tons of layers and am usually the warmest guy of the bunch (blackberry brandy helps:thmbup:). How low temperature wise do you play in? And what do you use, clothing or anything, to help you stay warm and motivated?

pmorgan1214 11-23-2013 12:56 PM

the coldest i remember playing was 9 degrees outside. i was in cinci in mid january. huge snow storm too. loads of fun. i am still playing all through the winter. i dont give up. i live disc golf, lol just ask my wife. She says i am addicted, which of course i am.

Anon 11-23-2013 01:00 PM

Anything under 30 and im probably out. Especially if there is any wind.

Clothing is the same kind of stuff I'd wear climbing or hiking. Inner layer is wicking fabric. Second layer is warmth. Shell layer is wind protection. Mittens are great and easy to pull on/off to make a shot. If its really cold I'll wear a balaclava under my hat.

Motivation is easy. I live in North Dakota. Play in the cold or say goodbye to 1/2 of your season.

Jay Dub 11-23-2013 01:00 PM

I'll play in the lower 20s if it's not windy. One of my favorite disc golf days were two rounds, blue skies and six inches of fresh snow with a high of 25. We cleaned the tees the first round and they were dry by the second round. Old Boone Woods about 20 years ago.

Dan Ensor 11-23-2013 01:07 PM

I don't like to play in the snow. Too easy to lose discs, even if you see where they went into the snow. Sometimes the snow gets nice and hard on top, then I'll play again. Not sure there's a temp I wouldn't play in.

tedkeith 11-23-2013 01:13 PM

Used to play in anything. 5-10 degrees is the coldest glow round I've played. 10-12 inches is most snow.

Now that I am Grandmasters I generally use the age rule. If the temp is below my age I'm not likely to play. I have already broken the rule this year and played in the 40s but didn't enjoy it much.

sisyphus 11-23-2013 01:14 PM

Cincinnati representing so far in this thread. :D

Some of the old timers here might remember the Bengals' 'freezer bowl' against San Diego back in, I think '81? I was working 'outdoors' in a beer/wine drive thru. Air temps were at -27 that day, with a wind chill of -56. If I was willing to work in those conditions, I'd be willing to play...except for that wind!

I've only been playing a couple of years, but I'm thinking I've definitely played a few times in the teens, on sunny, calm days, and I'm out in like three light layers. Year round play for me. Played this morning at about 35 degrees, and am playing league final round tomorrow morning, with an expected tee time temp of 25. :thmbup:

Horsman 11-23-2013 01:17 PM

Ive played in a lot of negitive weaher in WI, I just put a couple layers on and im good to go

koogs 11-23-2013 01:18 PM

We'll be playing tomorrow at 8 am. The forecast says 8 degrees.

JC17393 11-23-2013 01:24 PM

I've played in single digit temps for sure. Never looked at a thermometer to know exactly how cold. Also pretty sure I've played on days where the wind chill factor was in the negative numbers. I think if given the choice, I'd play in single digit temperatures rather than triple digit temperatures.

I've played in snow that was at least two feet deep on a few occasions. Makes for interesting tee shots when the pad is shoveled out and is essentially a 2-3 foot deep bunker in the snow.

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