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apdrvya 10-14-2013 02:58 PM

^twas my point.

ru4por 10-14-2013 04:30 PM


Originally Posted by ejvogie (Post 2202993)
If he's played flip, he's already seen b3nder's name 5,837 times.

Hmmmm....been a few years since I have gotten to Flip. What is up with the nonsense, though? Flip was a beautiful place, I am not sure my experience would be substantially improved by most grafitti. I wonder if his driving experience would be enhanced with my tag on his car? :wall:

sgamerp 10-14-2013 04:51 PM

^Bill actually wants people to write on stuff I think.

BogeyNoMore 10-14-2013 05:43 PM


Originally Posted by sgamerp (Post 2203141)
^Bill actually wants people to write on stuff I think.

Because it's just a matter of time before everything you see posted on the interwebz is taken out of context or twisted in some way, I'd like to elaborate on this. I'm not Bill, nor am I his paid spokesperson, but....

I'm pretty sure the only "stuff" he wants signatures on are the shack by 2A & 5A and possibly the gazebo. I don't think he wants people defacing the benches, tables, or anything else. I have to say, all the sigs on the shack only add to the charm. :cool:

The Gazebo looks nice as is and doubt he really wasn't to see that covered in sharpie (just a matter of time if people think it's fair game). Plus, if it gets out of hand, some DB's bound to leave their mark in the form of vulgarity just so their mark stands out from the crowd - and that doesn't add to Flip's charm.

So Apdryva, in the spirit of "leave it as nice or nicer than when you arrived," next time you whip out your sharpie, use it for something that improves appearances... draw a new face on B3nder . :p

MDeezy 10-14-2013 05:49 PM


MDeezy 10-14-2013 05:52 PM

Fairways are being cleared at Ionia State Rec, baskets and teepads have been purchased. Plan is to have the course open in April 2014.

DirtyMittenDG 10-15-2013 01:35 AM


Originally Posted by apdrvya (Post 2201745)
nothing else new around here. I compared the discgolfscene courses with the dgcr list and added three or four courses yesterday...

harbor beach
seitz middle school
arbors of traverse apartments

seitz middle school is already in the directory. listed as riverview grasslands

apdrvya 10-15-2013 06:03 AM


Originally Posted by DirtyMittenDG (Post 2203723)
seitz middle school is already in the directory. listed as riverview grasslands

apparently harbor beach was too. just listed very incorrectly.

superberry 10-15-2013 07:32 AM

Finishing work and installing baskets at Silver Creek Recreation Area DGC - Chocolay Township, Harvey, MI in early November 2013.

This is a completely redesigned and new 18 hole course from the old 9 hole course that previously occupied the property.


Originally Posted by DirtyMittenDG (Post 2192567)
{UPDATE 10/4/13}

-----2011 Courses-----
--The Edge DGC-- Scottville {24 Holes}
--Big Bend-- White Cloud {18 Holes}
--Burchfield Park-Devil's Den-- Holt {18 Holes}
--Carly's Playground-- Traverse City {18 Holes} [Mt. Holiday Redesign]
--Diggins Hill-- Cadillac {18 Holes}
--Hanson Hills (Short Course)-- Grayling {18 Holes}
--Marion Twp Park-- Howell {18 Holes}
--Ogemaw Hills-- West Branch {18 Holes}
--Superior Pines-- Grand Marais {18 Holes}
--Taymouth Park-- Burt {18 Holes}
--Turbine Pines-- Mackinaw City {18 Holes}
--Heritage Park-- Grandville {9 Holes}
--Lake Linden-Hubbell DGC-- Lake Linden {9 Holes}
--Lakewood High School-- Lake Odessa {9 Holes}
--MCTI DGC-- Plainwell {9 Holes}
--Rosewood Park DGC-- Jenison {9 Holes}
--Showboat Park DGC-- Chesaning {9 Holes}

-----2012 Courses-----
--Labyrinth-- Scottville {24 Holes}
--Belle Isle DGC-- Detroit {18 Holes}
--Bertha Brock County Park-- Ionia {18 Holes}
--Burchfield Park-Rivers Edge-- Holt {18 Holes}
--Campus View DGC-- Allendale {18 Holes}
--Duke Creek-- Cedar Springs {18 Holes}
--Earl Brewer-North-- Grand Rapids {18 Holes} [Redesign]
--Earl Brewer-South-- Grand Rapids {18 Holes} [Redesign]
--East China Township Park-- Marine City {18 Holes}
--Henderson Lake Nature Center-- Montague {18 Holes}
--Sunnybrook-- Sterling Heights {18 Holes}
--Herman Park-- Suttons Bay {18 Holes}
--Vicksburg Rec. Area-- Vicksburg {18 Holes}
--Wickes Woods-- Saginaw {18 Holes}
--Beverly Park-- Beverly Hills {9 Holes}
--Caro Fairgrounds DGC-- Caro {9 Holes}
--Cass City Park-- Cass City {9 Holes}
--Chilson Woods-- Howell {9 Holes}
--Dexter Lake Church-- Battle Creek {9 Holes}
--Flaherty Park-- Watervliet {9 Holes}
--Freeport Park-- Freeport {9 Holes}
--Ira Township Park-- Fair Haven {9 Holes}
--NorthRidge Church-- Plymouth {9 Holes}
--Shelby Road Baptist Church DGC-- Shelby {9 Holes}
--Silver Creek - Chocolay Park-- Harvey {9 Holes} [Redesign]
--Zeeland Christian School-- Zeeland {9 Holes}

-----2013 Courses-----
--Pioneer Trails-- Gladstone {27 holes}
--Old Airport DGC-- Au Gres {20 Holes}
--Mt. McSauba DGC-- Charlevoix {19 Holes}
--Leila Arboretum-- Battle Creek {18 Holes}
--Deerfield Park-Wildwood-- Mt. Pleasant {18 Holes}
--LakeShore Disc Golf Complex-- Spring Lake {18 Holes}
--Macatawa Greenspace-- Holland {18 Holes}
--Powder Mill DGC-- Marquette {18 Holes}
--Richland Park-- Hemlock {18 Holes}
--St. Francis Retreat Center-- Dewitt {18 Holes}
--The Gulch-- Hamburg {18 Holes}
--Wild Haven-North-- Manton {18 Holes}
--Snowbowl DGC-- Fife Lake {12 Holes}
--John D Besse Park-- Escanaba {9 Holes}
--Ludington Links-- Escanaba {9 Holes}
--Nature Park DGC-- Grayling {9 Holes}
--Smash Park-- Belding {9 Holes}
--The Memory-- Atlanta {9 Holes}
--Treetops DGC-- Gaylord {9 Holes}

--Al Quaal-Teal Lake DGC-- Ishpeming {18 Holes}
--Al Quaal-Olympic Trail DGC-- Ishpeming {18 Holes}
--Ella Sharp Park-- Jackson {18 Holes}
--Grand Isle-- Belmont {18 Holes}
--Homestead Greens DGC-- Harvey {18 Holes}
--James Nelson Park-- Sterling Heights {18 Holes}
--Memorial Course-- Republic {18 holes}
--Rolling Hills County Park [2nd Course]-- {18 Holes}
--Rotary Park-- Livonia {18 Holes}
--Wolcott Mill Metropark-- Ray {18 Holes}
--Baker's Field Park-- Port Huron {9-18 Holes}
--BC State Rec Area-- Bay City {9-18 Holes}
--Columbus Park-- Columbus {9-18 Holes}
--Independence Green DGC-- Farmington Hills {9-18 Holes}
--Ramona Park-- Portage {9-18 Holes}
--Rosevear Park-- Owosso {9-18 Holes}

-----{If anyone has additional info that should be added to the list, please let me know.}-----

apparition 10-15-2013 11:31 AM


Originally Posted by apparition (Post 2199976)
Anyone know when Mt. McSauba, Avalanche Park, and Boyne Mountain pull their baskets?

More specifically, does anyone know if these courses be open Nov. 7-11? Or someone to ask to find out?

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