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kuubik 04-13-2017 10:11 AM

Great pairs from MVP family:

Envy and Proxy
Crave and Inspire
Volt and Amp

Mocheez 04-13-2017 10:12 AM

1. Putters - Aviar, Tank
2. Midranges - Sentinel, Super Stinray
3. Fairway Drivers - Teebird, JLS
4. Distance Drivers - Orc, Sidewinder

VictorB 04-13-2017 10:13 AM

My pairings
Putters: crown and swan2
Mids: zero hard mace/recycled mace
Fairways: River and Convict
Distance: TP Giant and elasto Giant

best (subjectively) pairings
Putters: crown and swan2
Mids: Comet and KC Roc
Fairway: Patriot and Convict
Distance: Giant and Shryke

TKWolverine 04-13-2017 10:15 AM


Originally Posted by roggenb3 (Post 3164934)
If putters are non-putting putters, than through fairways this is actually my bag. I've been carrying 2 driving putters, only 2 mids, and only 2 fairways for the last season and a half or so. These are the pairings I have settled on.

Putters: Baseline Tank, Ultrium Jokeri
Mids: Tournament Tursas, QMS
Fairways: G* Leopard, Ultrium Respecti
Drivers: Beat champ PFN SW, Ultrium Titan

roggenb3, check your PM.

Moose33 04-13-2017 10:19 AM

It's an unconventional but I think these are all great;

Atom and Harp. The atom is the ultimate controllable chain hitter that will hold nearly any line, while the Harp does one thing really really well. Can hit any target on a hyzer.

Bard and justice I really line because they feel basically the same in the hand, the Justice is basically like the Bard OS and with the two of those I can do most any shot under 350.

The Firebird and Eagle are an amazing combo... but I think the Stag is a better version of the Eagle. So that is my pick.

Enforcer and King for distance drivers are fantastic. They feel similar and while the one hooks up pretty hard and the other is a little flippy.

Nenja 04-13-2017 10:35 AM

I'm new and try to get myself a small bag to do it all.

P&A: Nova
MID: MF Roc3 & G* Mako3
FD: Tl3 & Gold River
DD: Champ Tern or Opto Flow & Gold Bolt

River and flow/bolt should be broken in, DD will be Frost Saint untill I reach 350' distance. :)

Putt for D'oh 04-13-2017 10:37 AM

If I had to pairdown my bag to only two of each class

?Tresspass is all I have. I want to try a Sheriff maybe

Keller 04-13-2017 10:39 AM

Putters - Yeti Aviar & Rhyno
Mids - Roc & Comet
Fairway - Leopard & Eagle-X
Drivers - Sidewinder & Orc

I cold pretty much trow tese in different stages of wear for the rest of my days and be happy

GoobyPls 04-13-2017 11:08 AM

Most of my bag is setup this way already.

Putters - Yeti Aviar & Proxy
Midranges - R-Pro Roc+ & powered-down Resistor
Fairway Drivers - Volt & River
Distance Drivers - I honestly don't throw these much, but in my case it's probably Surge SS & Star Daedalus.

Mike C 04-13-2017 11:09 AM

Easy, MVP / Axiom discs share cores so they pretty much feel the same. Often have similar wings too.

1. Proxy / Envy
2. Axis / Vector
3. Crave / Resistor
4. Nitro / Octane

Each disc in the four categories feels the same as the one next to it, its one of the best things about their line-up.

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