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Jgilletted4 08-04-2022 09:32 PM

I just bought the newest run of fission photon (same feel as the fission waves). I kept turning mine over in the beginning because I was expecting it to be more overstable like the older fission photon I had tried. For me these are the perfect compliment to the fission waves.

Moose33 08-04-2022 09:41 PM


Originally Posted by ThrowaEnvy (Post 3828006)
Flat photons are the best! Deal with the flashing gently... throw the hell out of it... throw me a rocket!

Don't bring me down.....owwwn.... ....... Moose!!!!

Fee like it can bomb, Iíll try and film some shots next week.

Iíve got an iron man tournament this weekend or I would do it tomorrow!

Sprinklerado 08-05-2022 01:13 PM

Some scattered notes from yesterday and today's sessions:

Ascend is long, glidey, and surprisingly straight when thrown straight in the 250-275 ft range, and even has a tiny bit of fade. It did show some turn in a light headwind, but less than I expected, and it holds anhyzers well. -3 turn? If you say so... I haven't hammered it yet (if 330-350 ft of power can be considered "hammering"...), but so far, it isn't nearly as flippy as I thought it'd be.
I have to finally embrace that cosmic neutron is a separate universe. I lost my CN Lift workhorse fairway (which was neutrally stable), bought a proton Lift (miffed angel stamp) to replace it, and the proton is flippy as heck...
I had my first taste of Inertia (Plasma, flat like a Tesla), and holy baconwrap, was it tasty. I think it had the cleanest releases I've ever had on a forehand, and it cut through the air like a knife, effortlessly sailing past my other forehands while I watched in gaping amazement. Is it stable enough to take over the role my CN Lift had? More testing required.
Other notes to self: Svea is like Piwakawakas' overweight, meaner brother, who doesn't like being told what to do (just like the man said).
The Alfa Cosmic is pop-top domey, overstable, and unnecessary, because of the CN Volt.
I've tried an Undertaker now. And Titanium plastic. So, who wants a Titanium Undertaker?
The RPM Kea is NOT an approach disc, and the shock-absorbing qualities of Magma Soft are simply inferior to Crystal Flex.

xyman621 08-05-2022 02:50 PM

Picked up a Glow Wave and am really digging it. My first experience with Waves were used Neutron ones and very flippy. This glow Flips up a tiny bit and rides straight, finishes left. Holds an anny line really well.

Local shop has a 175 Fission I almost grabbed. Is it going to be flippy? Never thrown heavy fission before.

Mike C 08-05-2022 04:47 PM

Found a shop in Texas with an amazing MVP selection. Grabbed this Entropy and will likely head back tomorrow and grab a few more.


HyooMac 08-05-2022 05:27 PM

My Cosmic Entropy is a fun disc. I'm teaching it to do Pig things, and it seems happy to be learning.

ray1970 08-05-2022 06:17 PM

Iím still patiently waiting for electron Entropyís. I have one and its a horrible shade of pine green. (It was the only one I could find at the time.)

lee76007 08-05-2022 10:02 PM

Wow! Glad I searched for the thread! My MVP journey started 4 months ago when I picked up an Orbital Special Edition Neutron and loved it on the practice field. Unfortunately, it's the first MVP disc I lost this past Saturday when I reach a ditch across a fairway on the fly for the first time. I have a 27-disc bag which I now have 16 MVP/Axion so I've been doing a lot of experimenting and all are likely keepers. I have found MVP far more manageable for my game.

What makes the MVP transition complicated is I have been correcting my form starting with a Standstill almost two years ago, last year 1-step and the same time I found the Orbital I started the x-step with putters, and with a few drivers completed the first week with the x-step, working all the way to a three step by the end of the year. Maybe proceeding to a 4-step next year.

-The Wave Fission has replaced Star Mamba's as my main driver providing far more stability, also have a Wave Proton, and picked up a Wave Neutron today. Looks like at this time the Wave is it.

-Discs mostly on target with Crave Plasma, Volt Electron, Insanity Plasma, and Vanish Proton I've had them for a few months. Also picked up today Servo Neutron and a Tesla Neutron and they both felt great on the practice field, and they can fly!

-The biggest surprise has been the Catalyst Neutron and Excite Neutron. Have never been able to throw 13 and 14 speeds until now, but still need more work.

-Not going to let that Orbital get away from me but will pick up a Fission.

-Discs I wasn't ready for yet and exchanged, the Relay for the Signal which gave me more turn, and the Phase just to early in the transition, but will try again sometime later. The Nomad just floated too much on putts.

I look forward to learning from YOU the experienced as I continue to transition my bag. Plan on experimenting as many of the disc as I find them, and the different types of plastics as well. The discussion on the Hex perked my interest considering I have an ESP Buzz, so I'm going to be picking one up. The transition had been fun!

mas30066 08-05-2022 10:37 PM

I feel like I've had a really uneven month of throwing. Elbow's been sore, head hasn't been quite straight, yada yada. But I can point to a couple specific throws and know that the component pieces are improving and there's a nice breakout/evolutionary moment coming when I can harness the sundry good bits into a channeled/focused good game.

Quick thoughts on a few of the posts above: I was playing with Josh earlier in the week as he was working out stuff with the Photon and it does suit his arm well. Straight and quick with a relatively mild fade.

Like Sprinklerado, I'm really digging the Plasma Inertia right now. Killer woods disc in particular when you need to punch hard and straight. In the open, it'll hold a big sweeping anhyzer beautifully.

Lee, agreed that the Wave's an exceptional disc. I'm finding that a Cosmic Neutron and Plasma pairing covers a lot of what I need a driver to do. The Hex is a fine disc, but I'd probably start with the Fission Reactor. It's just about a perfect midrange.

This week, I picked up a couple Lab Second Electron Envies. I've tinkered previously with a Proton and a Soft Neutron and never quite understood what the fuss was about. Good, but not perspective altering. These, on the other hand, are pretty darned interesting. I have a Stabilizer and a Proxy for specific approach shots, but I could envision the Envy covering just about everything else one might ask of a putter.

Hope everyone's had a great week.

Sprinklerado 08-06-2022 03:48 AM


Originally Posted by xyman621 (Post 3828166)
Picked up a Glow Wave and am really digging it. My first experience with Waves were used Neutron ones and very flippy. This glow Flips up a tiny bit and rides straight, finishes left. Holds an anny line really well.

Local shop has a 175 Fission I almost grabbed. Is it going to be flippy? Never thrown heavy fission before.

I have a 173 fission Wave, and it's pretty flippy. Its slightly taller than my CN Wave, and the slightest headwind sends it off course (on a forehand). I keep it out of the bag for now, since my CN Wave has seasoned into the same stability, and complement it with a plasma Trace and a 165 fission Octane instead.

The Hex is money, Lee, you won't regret it. Feels great in the hand, flies long and straight. I have a glow Reactor beside it, but I'm going to pull it, because I'm frustrated by how slippery the Eclipse 2.0 plastic is. In with the Pyro instead.

Is soft neutron soft enough? I would have liked it a bit softer. My home course is rocky, with several baskets perched on top of ridges with severe potential for rollaways. Unfortunately, my soft neutron Envy won't stay put on those ridges, but a Get Freaky Zone will.

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