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skinnylimbs 04-03-2013 08:42 PM

Prodigy M4 - the good /the bad
forgive me if I overlooked another thread for this disc already. I think it's one of the better molds in the lineup so far. All of the proto stamped I have held have been excellent quality. There was some variance in opacity to the yellows but all good grip and both yellow and pink looked like they came from the same mold. (duh). However!! I rifled through 50 of the First run stamped M4 today and there is a huge range in shape and feel so I wanted to post a warning. I saw 6-10 that were almost as concave as a Zone, and some domey like the non-flat RC3. they are nice and swirly, but the actual plastic is not as smooth and the there were some finish issues with the copper and gold stamps.

rd.bittle 04-04-2013 09:32 AM

Yeah, but they are very reliable in all wind conditions.

tbird888 04-04-2013 10:50 AM

By shape, you mean the dome only? Are there more ovals?

Pwingles 04-04-2013 11:51 AM

I threw 2 red 180's and a yellow 179 yesterday. These things are money, imo.
Comparable to a flippy buzz or maybe a buzz ss, beat dx flat top roc.

Likes to be hyzer flipped, can be thrown flat when powered down. Vwry subtle fade. I was h-flipping mine 350-70 in an open fairway where height wasnt an issue. Does pretty well on low lines.

Sorta like a meteor/buzz hybrid. It will go well with my game. There is a peetty large gap between the 3 (2?) and the 4 tho. If the m2 fits between there, my thosts might be in trouble.

loki993 04-04-2013 11:54 AM

Would they overlap an M3 too much? Id think so

discddwn 04-04-2013 12:06 PM

They don't with the current M3. I heard the Proto M3 is being retooled to be a M2 due to it being more overstable than they wanted. Could just be rumors though but it definitely doesn't overlap in its current form.

skinnylimbs 04-04-2013 12:15 PM


Originally Posted by tbird888 (Post 1934642)
By shape, you mean the dome only? Are there more ovals?

haha, no thankfully I havent seen any more ovals. But there were some medium domey ones and some very concave ones. (think beefy champ meteor with the top dropped in like a esp Zone. very weird) These are the First Run stamped M4. I havent seen any prob with the proto M4 (aside from UV )

regarding the overlap between the current M3 and the M4 there is almost none.

tbird888 04-04-2013 12:29 PM

Considering dome is never uniform across any manufacturer, I don't consider filghtplate differences something for the pitchforks. Thanks for the heads up though. I'd try one of each to see which I prefer.

In the case of Zones, I prefer the concave ones, but some like the flatties and domeys.

tampabay 04-04-2013 12:40 PM

Prodigy may come out of all of this unscathed.

If I were at prodigy, once a mold was finalized, id re release it with an actual name. Since none of the testers are marked they could just release the disc with a new name and say, "New neutral midrange called the Oobie, pre-released as the M4".

They really should treat all these protos as protos and avoid this confusing nightmare of disc gambling where you hope you grab the right one.

booter 04-04-2013 12:42 PM

I wouldnt mind trying an m4 but it has heavy competition with my buzzzs.

Also,i heard they were changing the m3 to the m2 as well,i dont think any retooling is needed because the mold is staying the same,only a name change. So if it does indeed become the m2 then the new m3 should be closer to buzzz stability .

Thats actually a solid line up but i think the m1 is only slightly more os than my m3

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