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drew2000 02-07-2017 08:46 PM

I, along with apparently the entire world, want to see the MD4 - especially if it's beadless, even more overstable than a Gator (not quite as overstable as I was hoping for), flat top, and comes in Metal Flake of Glow.

Also, full production PDx.

Another thing I would likely buy is a DD3 - 13 speed DDx flight numbers - 13 6 -1 2, but with a 1.2 cm rim height. I have big hands, and can pick up a disc, even one that I had never heard of before, and tell you if it was 1.1 or 1.2 cm rim height. DDx has 1.1, and I love throwing it, but not being able to fully grip causes release issues for me and about 20% of my throws with the DDx go straight into the ground on a line very far left from where I aim my shot

It would be interesting if Discmania would ever consider making mids such as MD-1, or MD-2. Mids that actually are rated with negative turn numbers

Jenga54 02-07-2017 08:51 PM

I think it's time to drop the MD1 and remake it as an OS mid.

Everyone wants the MD4 to be "more stable than a Gator" but...

What would go between an MD3 and MD4?

MD1 MD2 MD3 all the same, no good

Flick Maniac 02-08-2017 04:13 AM

Dr.Smooth 02-08-2017 11:54 PM

I'm always game for more plastic options. D is superior for grip in rain. So yeah I think it is a nice option.

Flick Maniac 02-13-2017 03:19 AM

What? No chatter about the 4 new MD molds for 2017? For shame....


Jussi Meresmaa ‏@JussiMeresmaa 11. helmikuuta
Which upcoming Discmania disc are you looking forward the most? CD3 / P3x / MD4 / TDx #Discmania #season2017 #reinventyourgame
I will quote myself from the Discmania Collectors and Throwers group on FB:


Yeah i think for putters the x is the bead. For drivers doesnt really have a set pattern. Faster yes but stability, hmmm tough to say PDx is more stable than PD but DDx less so than the DD. And when we have the TD2, I really dont know where they are going with the TD. Keep the convex wing shape perhaps? Just faster?
I think CD3 should not be too fast, otherwise it will not be "control"
MD4 beadless glideless flat brick please thankyou very much

DinosaurThunder 02-13-2017 07:23 AM

P3x - P3 with a bead? no thank you. They should have tried to mimic a zone or jokeri (hopefully I am surprised)

MD4 - long overdue

TDx - TD is -2 and TD2 is -4 so I don't think they can go anymore understable. If they go stable - wouldn't that just be a PD? Maybe they went monster or starfire re-tool? get that OS disc that Eagle is needing.

CD3 - I think they will stay speed 9 and be more of a re-tooled valk or sidewinder. I dont think this will be the stable driver since the PD is a firebird bottom already.

Discmania_Support 02-13-2017 07:59 AM


Originally Posted by Dr.Smooth (Post 3132676)
not to beat a dead horse, but the luster and freak stamps were which runs. question mark.

Dr. Smooth, no worries on that one! Technically the luster PD was a run of it's own. Call it a first run if you will, but is just part of a new run of PD basically. We do not feel that it needs to be thrown in the mix of 9th, 10th, 11th run etc. The throwback Freak stamps were all 10th run PD's and very nice discs for sure. We hope that helps and please let us know if you have more questions!

Discmania_Support 02-13-2017 08:10 AM

Discmania Support Reply

Originally Posted by ILUVSMGS18 (Post 3133290)
My 2017 Discmania Wishlist
1. MD4
2. Full PDx production
3. FDx something like 8,6,0,1.5
4. S-CD2s that are solid colors
5. Shimmer discs: MD3, FD, PD, P2 for example
6. P2x

I know most of this has been previously discussed but I want my opinions heard.

That is a great wish list you have there. The good news is that there will be an MD4 sometime this year, we just want to make sure that it is exactly what you all need so we are taking our time on that one. PDx is scheduled for full production in 2018 so just one more year and then we will have made it. FDx is always on the radar. We will constantly strive to re-create the 2nd run FD for everyone. S-CD2 will certainly become an option at some point. Shimmer is not as likely right now but may be down the road. P2xÖ. we will see!


Originally Posted by maskedavenger (Post 3133370)
This looks awfully lot like a 8 speed disc IMO. 2nd run FD reborn? Speculate away.


Speculations are good! We like to see the buzz and predictions generated by these sorts of things. This disc will be revealed in the coming weeks and you all will be excited to try one out. We absolutely love this disc so far and canít wait to put them on the market.


Originally Posted by Jenga54 (Post 3133563)
Looks to me much faster than a speed 8. Using measurement tools, I'm looking at a rim/diameter ratio of 10.8% and maybe off a bit due to the slight angle of the picture, so I'm going to guess the diameter is a bit longer than i measured

A speed 11 is about a 9.9% rim/diameter
A speed 12 is about a 10.4% rim/diameter
A speed 13 is about a 11.3% rim/diameter

I'm guessing it's a speed 11 or 12, now what is missing in that range? Maybe between the TD and DD for stability, in the DD speed?

Thanks for the guesses! The answer will be revealed in the coming weeks!


Originally Posted by skizzle34 (Post 3133749)
IMO there is a good chance this is the UD which will be like an innova max. Brutally overstable speed 11.


Originally Posted by Micah511 (Post 3133753)
yeah, i think this is right. i could see the disc hes holding up having a thick rim like the max.

Discmania_Support 02-13-2017 08:20 AM

Discmania Support Reply

Originally Posted by Reniger (Post 3133820)
I love Jussi's quote about the MD4 (reiterated by Eagle on last night's CCDG podcast) "The MD4 will come out when it's summer in Finland."

Summer in Finland happens occasionally and it will be MD4 time when that short magical window arrives!!


Originally Posted by DinosaurThunder (Post 3133826)
Interesting they chose to focus on another driver vs. adding an OS Mid for the beginning of the season. Either the team/public has been begging for a UD more than I realized or it's a happy hybrid from another project.

On a semi related note - how in the world did Hyzer Bomb ever get the mortar over DM? Beadless gator fits right in with the MD2, MD and MD3.

Dinasaur Thunder, the MD4 is ever elusive and we have been trying for a while to get the best result we can. We have found many different options so far, and all of which are great, but need to make sure that this disc will be exactly what everyone needs in an OS midrange. Itís coming, but we do not want to rush a good thing. Iím sure you understand.


Originally Posted by skizzle34 (Post 3134083)
I can't say I fully understand pushing another driver but I'm definitely not sad about it. Would really love an MD4 though

Skizzle, we will definitely bring you a driver to not be sad about!! As said above, the MD4 is coming, it just needs to be perfect before that sort of thing is released. We prefer to take our time with these projects while keeping the wishes of our customers in mind at the same time. When you hear about this disc, it will be game time.


Originally Posted by maskedavenger (Post 3134102)
Your science magic has me convinced. Although I would like that MD4 ASAP, I dont mind if this driver is a stupid OS slower-than-PD2 UD. Might even kick the FAF FB from my bag. (and dont start with the "PD2/FD3 is OS enough", theyre not for what I am using it for, i.e. crazy flex shot/anhyzer lines, and I want it to be slower than 12 speed. If it was only for wind fighting, then sure.)

Brutal man, just brutal. FWIW its not winter either, just cold dark and dank all the time. Like a wet autumn all the time, but with the lights off.

Maskedavenger, we will see in the next few weeks exactly what this new driver has to offer. We cannot reveal exactly what it does, but I know it will find a spot in all of our bags for sure!


Originally Posted by Hiisi (Post 3135629)
Oh sweet D-line PD! That thing is going in my bag as soon as it hits the stores.

D-Line PD is coming soon! They may even replace those D-FDís in some playersí bags as a longer roller or finesse shot. Any PD is a good PD, and this one is no exception. Stay tuned!

clard 02-13-2017 08:38 AM

Great news on the new discs! I gotta say that it sounds like none of them will be the MF Max replacement, but we shall wait and see. MD4 is great news. I think all of us DM fans want a true OS mid to finish off the mid range line up.

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