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Monkeypaws 08-30-2019 01:09 AM


Swirly Star.

I've bought 'em, and many times was bummed that the disc I eagerly awaited was earth-tone, vomit colored, or booger green. Barsby Eagle, Big Jerm Thunderbird, Sky God, etc.

With the beautiful ESP swirl that Discraft put out after McBeth's arrival, I think Innova needs to do better. Cloud Breaker went from hottest ticket to meh as soon as people saw what the majority of them looked like.

discerdoo 08-30-2019 06:38 AM

I dug through a stack of about 12 Madison Walker Wraiths and settled on one that's about a 2/10 on the visibility scale. The rest were worse.

wims 08-30-2019 07:51 AM

No burst or swirly discs for me. I prefer my discs to not have camouflage thank you very much

thirtydirtybirds 08-30-2019 08:24 AM

Just stick to primary colors and white on these innova. Plastic feels great but looks terrible.

GoobyPls 08-30-2019 08:34 AM

I've seen maybe 4 Swirly Star/S-Line discs that weren't a murky mess. Literally every Cloud Breaker, 2019 Jermbird, and BarsbEagle I've seen has been awful. That includes my BarsbEagle, which looks like a dollar bill (dark green/darker green). Super fun to look for that thing, even when it's in the fairway.

thirtydirtybirds 08-30-2019 09:58 AM

I got 2 barsbeagles and feel like I lucked out with light grey with very few swirls. I throw the one with the more reflective stamp, catching the stamp in the light is usually my best chance to find it. The flat black stamp stays on the shelf, that thing is invisible in any kind of shadow. And since I play in the woods, where it’s a hunt to find even bright pink sometimes, I’m not jazzed about throwing it.

phishbiscuits 08-30-2019 10:23 AM

If we stop buying them, maybe they’ll change the approach. I stopped buying any Swirly S-Line because of everything stated in this thread. It shouldn’t be US compromising and searching fairways for $24 discs!

I did see that the majority of Cloudbreakers left are literally grass colored. I also have no business throwing that disc. Most don’t! Local course yesterday, 250 foot straight shot... dude in front of me threw a Swirly Philo Destroyer. Lost it in the fairway. First, a Destroyer for that distance? Second, right in the damn fairway? That’s a no from me, dog.

Notice that this thread started in 2017. It seems WORSE now.

SD86 08-30-2019 10:34 AM

I was lucky. When I ordered my Hannah Leatherman Swirly Star Terns and Leo3s, I asked for pink or blue. And the ones I got were pink-'ish' and blue-'ish' enough to be findable and not too bad looking. The plastic does feel good, too.

But I agree with the sentiments: for the most part they're :gross: . And Innova needs to understand that, so contact them and let them know. Otherwise, they will continue shoving that garbage down our throats...

thirtydirtybirds 08-30-2019 10:35 AM

People will just keep buying them. Discmania collectors are crazy about those cloud breakers. I buy them just to support the pros I like.

I think that’s just the way it is. Maybe next year some of the pros just say, “do mine in regular Star with weight options please, I’m having trouble selling the max weight swirly ones.”

ChefKoolaid 08-30-2019 10:36 AM

I have a few really nice swirly blue Walker Wraiths and Nybo Birds. The good swirls are out there just gotta hunt for em. Also I want to comment on how incredible the swirl star in the Madison Walker Wraiths is. It's fantastically grippy!

And while still weak I do think Innova has imoroved their swirl game a bit this year.

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