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jmdaire27 02-28-2019 03:24 PM

JMD27 2019 ITB
Years playing/experience:
- 12+ years playing
- 6th year playing competitively
- (start of 2019) a mid-of-road MA1 player
- (start of 2019) rating at 934, 2 MA2 wins
- (start of 2019) bags: Grip B, Grip C
Throwing Style:
- Primary RHBH
- Proficient RHFH
- Minimal OHs/Rollers
- Spush putter
Golf Distance (flat ground):
- BH Avg max around 380'/max out around 410'
- FH comfortable to around 275'

Age: 30
Sex: M
- Wrist/hip soreness from playing goalie for 25+ yrs
Other sport proficiencies:
- Hockey (extensively)
- Most sports to some rec level
Additional Information:
- Drummer
- Enjoy getting outside with the wife/pup
What do you like/dislike about your current bag:
- I really like where my bag is at, carrying most of my bag from last year over.
- I'll point out, I've been a Judge guy for a few years, but been messing with beadless putters (Aviar, Warden) and really dig the hand feel. So, switching to Wardens this year.
- If Wardens don't work out, I'll most likely switch back to Judges. They are similar enough.
Specific areas of desired feedback:
- I'm settled in on my molds, so this will be more of a "tracker" as they call it.
2019 goals:
- play in 5-6 (MA1 sanctioned) tourneys
- finish top 5 in at least one
- get to 945 (but 950 is what I really want..)
- keep my bag the same all year (sig set up)
- get out to league at least twice a month
- give back (volunteer, course clean up, etc)
- practice putting every day!
- ITB Video maybe?

Typical setup:
Each post will should be some variation of this. All discs will be within 2% of max weight.

- TRESPASS Main distance driver. I will BH and FH them. I like all the premium plastics, but will likely lean on Lucid-X this year. Very comfortable in the hand, gets great glide, and easy distance.
- ENFORCER Headwind, long hyzers, "power" FHs, downhill distance. Again, good feel and distance potential. As my power develops (*chuckles*), may lean on these more.

- UNDERTAKER Workhorse control driver. Very straight and comfortable. I have a bunch from new to beat, OS to US, mainly Z and ESP. Very much a do-it-all mold.
- FELON Great OS fairway. Not a meathook, and very workable in different stages of wear. Mostly FH, maybe an occasional spike hyzer. Very comfortable mold.
- HEAT Not used much, but when I need a standstill, uphill shot, or big turnover, awkward stance FH, etc, it serves its purpose well.

- TRUTH Hands down my favorite mold. Favorites are flat small EMac silhouette (prEMacs with the 5/5/0/2 numbers). Very reliable, comfortable, straight. Perfect for the woods. Can't say enough.
- VERDICT Feels like a Truth, but glides a little less and fades more. Good for headwind mid shots, woods, FHs, power mid shots.

Putt and Approach
- ZONE I can't get rid of it. It is so reliable when you need what it does. From FH upshots, power putter shots off the tee, get-out-of-trouble, headwind putts, it's great to have.
- WARDEN Making the switch from Judges. More comfortable throwing them both fan and power grip, so I'll bag different plastics for putter drives, upshots, and putts. Very neutral and comfortable putter.

SD86 02-28-2019 06:48 PM

Nice bag. Trespass is sneaky good. I used to putt with the Warden, gave it up because I switched to a beaded disc, but it's a great putter.

XC_Eddy 03-07-2019 12:00 AM

Zones and Truths rule.

jmdaire27 03-28-2019 12:18 PM

Finally got to get out and throw, albeit was only field work (local short 9 hole, hole #8 is basically an old small football field or something, snow is mostly gone, but its wet). Brought out the mids and putters.

Was definitely trying too hard at first, torquing a bit much. Slowed it down and felt really good. Tried throwing the Wardens and Judges (not just putting). I get very inconsistent results with deeper putters. 4/5 throws will be good, but then I'll grip lock. Think I am going to include a throwing putter again. Want to get a hold of some E-Firm Envies again to throw.

Can't wait for snow to be gone to get an actual round in. Also excited to get my DIY cart out and rolling.

jmdaire27 03-30-2019 01:46 PM

Got out yesterday to throw, two rounds at the local 9 hole. Hip was bugging me so distance suffered. Short course though..

Bagged Judges instead of Wardens. Still don’t know how that’ll play out. I’m pretty invested in judges. Bagged an Envy. Man they are awesome throwing putters... it’s a beat P (w/ 2 aces on it) that flies soooo straight.

Prime Judge x2 - one upshot. Putting was meh.
P Envy - handful of drives. This disc is $$.
ESP Zone - one FH drive.
Bio Truth - few drives, not afraid to lose in the river.
Lucid Truth - two drives, came up short.
Lucid Verdict x2 - no work
Z Heat - no work
ESP Undertaker - two drives, solid straight flight.
Z Undertaker - no work
Lucid Trespass - no work
Fuzion Trespass - no work
Lucid X Ttespass - no work
Bio Enforcer - no work

Shot -4 and -3. Mediocre.

jmdaire27 04-06-2019 12:52 AM

Got out to Carlton for the first time since it’s evolution (went from 9 to 18 completely new holes). Was still pretty wet, but a good time.

I bagged judges; think I’m gunna stick with them, and not wardens... maybe too early to say. Been giving the tomb a go, again. I like it. It’s kinda quick, but has the stability I want in a throwing putter (a beat up envy flight without needing to beat up an Envy). Anywho

Judges x2 - Prime
Tomb x1 - S-Blend
Zone x1 - ESP
Truth x3 - Lucid
Verdict x2 - Lucid
Undertaker x3 - Z & ESP
Felon x2 - Lucid
Heat x1 - Z
Trespass x4 - Lucid/X, Fuzion
Enforcer x1 - Bio

Shot well front 9, but the back 9 was pretty difficult. Idk how I finished, but not well. Gotta practice throwing tight lines again.

jmdaire27 04-06-2019 05:14 PM

I got bored today cuz it's raining... So I "Excelled" my previous bag. Yes: I am a nerd. (Note: discs organized by 'Speed,' not Distance. I cannot throw an Enforcer as far as a Trespass, for example).


At any rate, this kind of sums up my disc selection philosophy. Not too many US discs, moreso S discs with a mix of OS.

jmdaire27 04-10-2019 09:16 PM

18 at LSC yesterday. Today is very windy and we’re gunna get snow... backwards progress.

Judge x2 - Prime
Tomb x2 - S-Blend, C-Blend
Zone x1 - ESP
Truth x3 - Lucid
Verdict x2 - Lucid
Undertaker x2 - Z
Felon x2 - Lucid
Heat x1 - Z
Trespass x3 - Lucid/X, Fuzion
Enforcer x2 - Bio

Tombs are very comfy. I like the stiffer C-Blend.

Also, DIY cart update: it’s kind of been taking a back seat. Now that I’m almost done, all I want to do is make a better one (or get a Delta...).

jmdaire27 04-17-2019 12:20 PM

What's in the bag above? Let's go through it!

Trespass (3) - 2 Fuzions, one used, one fresh; these serve as the straight/stable to US distance drivers. 1 Lucid-X that serves as the straight to fade or sweeping hyzers, with some FH use. These get pulled out for shots 350'+, comfortably maxing around 380', but can go a little further with decreased accuracy.
Enforcer (2) - 2 Biofuzion, one used, one fresh; OS distance, for FHs, downhills, spike hyzers, headwinds. I can get these to about 350' thrown flat.

Heat (1) - 1 Z for US utility. Doesn't get used much, but with a big tailwind, steep uphill, standstill BH/FH, rare BH roller, etc, it is nice to have.
Undertaker (3) - 1 Z that has a net straight flight, with some flip and some fade. Great for the woods, tailwinds, low power hyzers, big annys, etc. 2 FR-Zs, one used, one fresh (and flatter); The used ones been ITB for a couple seasons and is just starting to hold a nice long straight flight to a fade. The freshy is more OS, for hyzers, straight FHs, etc. Workhorse mold up to around 360'.
Felon (2) - 2 Lucid, one used on fresh. The used one holds a straight flight with a dumpy fade. The fresh one is pretty OS, and begins to fade pretty quick out of the hand. Pretty much exclusively FHs, although maybe some BH for spikes and skips.

Truth (3) - 2 Lucid PrEMacs, one very used, one used. The beat one is US, nice for hyzer flips, annys, low powered straight shots. The fresher one flips a little less and fade a little more, great for tunnels. 1 EMac Lucid that is a little more stable than the previous. These are bread and butter in the woods to a little to 300' comfortably.
Verdict (2) - 2 Lucid, both somewhat fresh. The yellow one is pretty strange, where it actually flies like a mini Eagle, with a slight turn and decent fade. Bugged me at first, but it's a useful disc to have. The other is a typical Verdict, with good HSS and big fade.

Putt & Approach
Tomb (2) - 1 S-Blend that flies straight to US. Good for finesse upshots, touchy FH approaches and tee shots. 1 C-Blend that flies straight to OS, mainly for off the tee putter shots.
Zone (1) - 1 Puddle top ESP. Probably the best approach putter made. FH, BH, headwind putts, flexes... it does it all and it does it all very well.
Judge (2) - 2 Prime, ones more used, other is fresher. The second is mainly a backup, as I use these for putts, jumps, fan grip upshots, etc. I like them more when they go in the chains.

I throw the Truth, Undertaker, and Trespass for most tee shots, hence them having more replicates than other molds. The bag may see some variation with the same molds depending on the course/conditions (ex: more Trespasses). It's generally about 21 discs, though. Hoping to partake in a tourney in the next few weekends (maybe Earth Day).

TLDR; I throw discs at places meant for this activity. I generally carry about 21 in a orange bag.

ilmcgee 04-17-2019 01:11 PM

Nice bag and pics.

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