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texasissouth 11-05-2018 08:19 AM


Originally Posted by bcr32 (Post 3374091)
How much more overstable is the md4 compared to the m2?

Much much more so, at least the one I have. I don't like throwing M2's into the wind very much, they can kind of flip or rise too much. The C-MD4 I have throws pretty much the same no matter the wind conditions, so much HSS. Doesn't sacrifice distance either, it's a really neat mold.

Also I forgot I bagged 1 starfire during the weekend. Didn't throw it much sadly

texasissouth 11-13-2018 05:23 PM

Some minor bag changes for Duck Golf this weekend.

1 I was having a lot of accuracy and angle issues which I have narrowed down to taking a break mid form tweak and messing with how high I was pulling the disc through. Trying to fix it by throwing in a field a lot this week.

2 One of my beloved stable F2s I hit something? with and it is now flippy. Luckily I just traded for a new stable one at SpAm, so out of the bag the flippy one goes. Also I will be adding in an F1 so I don't have to keep buying new ones for straight to fade shots. I also found a 750 F2 in my field I lost sometime this summer. Still in great shape and is in the sweet hyzerflip spot I like so into the bag it goes.

3 After hitting a million trees at Blockhouse, my oldest trusty buzz-like M2 now needs hyzer to go pop up and go straight. One of the base plastic M2s is out, fresh 400 M2 is in.

texasissouth 11-14-2018 05:35 PM

Finally ran into F.Luke at Rockland. Shot a very loose ~64, I gave up on 6 and threw a bunch of times and gave myself an 8.

Wraith x2
2X Pa4

A friend of mine gave me a sweet 400G PA4 that is pretty stable and great, so I was getting acquainted with it today.
Old 750 F2 went in the bag and didn't really skip a beat.

texasissouth 11-19-2018 04:24 PM

Duck Golf last weekend, had fun, shot about 906 rated, which is basically my rating. The last round at Campside (par 56 but a fairly easy course) Everything felt like it was clicking decently and I threw one under par, 922. Only one Bogey, which is very unusual for me.

Bag for the weekend varied day to day but was basically.

Wraith x3/x1
Campground only has one long hole, so I only bagged the Metal Flake wraith and didn't even through it well. Parkside has some field holes which the wraiths bombed on.

Started the weekend with my 3 year old star, but when the wind picked up a bit I swapped in a bit more HSS champ one and kept it in for the week, only threw it 3 times on campside. Not a lot of ~400 ft holes dead straight or with a bit of fade on either course. Most require a little bit of movement so I would throw a wraith.

when I feel like making mistakes. I don't think I had a good throw with one all weekend haha

I need to stop struggling so much with finding stable F2 runs and just give up and accept that the F1 is the teebird clone and what I should bag for straight to fade fairways. I threw mine into a stack of firewood a bit to give it a little more glide and now it's trusty.

F2 x3
one stable, one hyzerflip, one dumb flippy. Threw these a ton in the woods with generally decent results

Trident x2
one stable one hyzerflip, flick machines. Still one of my favorite molds

M2 x4
most stable, stable, hyzerflip, turnover. I decided after struggling to throw turnovers at SpAm to lean more on my flick in the woods, which worked out pretty well, so I don't think I threw my flippiest one at all. I hyzerflipped to straight the old pink one for quite a few shots though. I didn't bag the MD4 this weekend, figured I could approximate it with either a powered down Trident or powered up Breaker

Lost my usual breaker on tossing it around at lunch the first day so I didn't have one the second round of the first day and overshot hyzer upshots by like 30 ft consistently. I put my backup in for the second day and was happy to have it back. I saved a couple strokes with some flex forehand approaches with the new one the second day.

2X PA4
The 400G one my friend traded me is money, so straight and glidey, Threw it for a lot of short throws and leaned on it for a lot of ups. The other side of the PA4 coin is a dumb flippy 300 one that I try not to throw over 200 ft.

I have an amber one on the way and I'm pumped. Get out of jail free with shots only the Stego can pull off.


texasissouth 11-28-2018 02:12 PM

I guess some people read these.

Anyone have experience with M1s?

With my recent conversion to F1s I was wondering if having a M1 as a bookend for windy days would work. Or I could stick with slotting in the MD4 from times to time.

Overall if there is a disc I struggle with sometimes it's mids, sometimes they just feel weird in my hand and they come out fluttery while putters and fairways come out smooth.

biscoe 11-28-2018 05:25 PM

I read them. I have an M1 I will put in my bag on the windiest of days but I don't really wind up throwing it very much. In general if it is that windy i wind up abandoning mids entirely and throwing the H3 or A3 depending on distance.

I found mids to be the hardest discs to get used to when learning as well. everyone around me was throwing rocs and I just didn't get it. then one day something clicked and they were my favorite disc as well (now the M4).

texasissouth 11-29-2018 10:55 PM

M1 sounds tempting to me. I've got a M3 M2 as trade bait for one of the Shileys I can try and get some things from him haha.
When I started I loved throwing mids since the wide diameter was closer to an ultrastar. I used to have a roc3 I would crush. Then I got used to driver and putter diameters and now mids and I have a strange relationship.

2 rounds at the same time at Spilman today since the weather was amazing. Shot a 51 going off my first shots and a 53 off the second. Second shots caught up around hole 9 but then first shots caught fire on the back. Not super pumped about the scores, as every hole at Spilman can be "easily" birdied (outside of 2 holes) and conditions were perfect. But! enough 2's to keep me happy. (twelve birds through two rounds, six 4s and one horrible 5)
Bag was basically
F1 - for teebird shots
2 F2 - for flippier duties
FD3 - thing is dumb overstable, bagged it specifically for a thumber on one hole
I didn't throw those much, bulk of the throws were with
2 Tridents - one for hyzerflips or fighting out of annys one for OS flicks
4 M2 - one overstableish, one I'm working into the straight role, one that needs a spot of hyzer and one turnover disc I threw only as a practice throw
2 PA4 - a $ one for super straight throws, one flippy baseline for EZ ups. Beat in 300 PA4 has to be my favorite approach disc I've used so far. I've tried a dart, an aviar, a NOVA, a polecat, a Swan. But the 300 PA4 is the truth.
1 PREMIUM PLASTIC STEGO - OH BOY THIS THIS IS GREAT. Just as stable as the fossil stego we all know and love, but now in a super grippy premium blend. Feels so good. I did notice the inside rim of my fossil stego is kind of inverted slanted. So like if a innova +plus rim is slanted outward for an easy release, the stego is the opposite. Fortunately the premium stego has more of a straight up and down inner rim, muuuuch more comfortable.

puttin with Mercys.

Also threw my whole bag at the field for practice afterwards, some guy was practice putting and said one of my drives was the farthest throw he's ever seen. Feels like hyperbole but I'll take the compliment.

F.Luke 11-30-2018 02:24 AM


Originally Posted by texasissouth (Post 3343277)
...Got drunk and ordered...

Yes. This is how I ended up with 7 TL3ís and 4 Novas.

I look forward to playing with you again.

texasissouth 11-30-2018 10:36 AM


Originally Posted by F.Luke (Post 3384307)
Yes. This is how I ended up with 7 TL3ís and 4 Novas.

I look forward to playing with you again.

hahah it's like secret santa for yourself. Worked out for me since I love this PA4.
Novas are a ton of fun to throw, but they didn't quite fit what I was looking for. Also the sounds they make when they hit a tree are hilarious.

I'll definitely shoot you a text anytime I'm headed up Rockland way. I'm also trying to think up a "super Spilman" layout since no one is ever there.

texasissouth 12-02-2018 04:53 PM

18 at Giles L2S, shot a 62

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