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shroom 05-29-2013 11:28 AM

Build the Bag
In your opinion:

What discs would you put in a bag made of all Swedish plastic
(Latitude/Westside/Dynamic Discs)

Plastic Type (GL, Opto, Lucid, VIP, etc..), Model (Saint, Warship, Judge, etc...), and what use (headwind, main driver, anny's, skips, ect...)

Everyone's opion migh help someone pick that one disc they need to fill a slot. And since I haven't been able to throw all the molds yet, I might be that person.

lowracks 05-29-2013 11:35 AM

I have little to no experience with L64/WS/DD. But, I'm bored. I would probably go with all L64 and it would look something like this.





Of course, I've never thrown any of these except for the Fuse (which is awesome). I'm basing everything off flight numbers.

jcburton24 05-29-2013 11:38 AM

It would be just like my signature says it is.

Pwingles 05-29-2013 11:45 AM

Inb4 someone complains its the 30th time this thread has happened

Judge classic x2 putters
Fuzion judge
Opto pure
Lucid suspect - all these are approach and short drive discs

GL Fuse, maybe tursas but i havent thrown one
Zero hard mace x2 one seasoned one new

GL saint x2 light and heavy
Lucid escape

Im not too crazy about any of their distance drivers but id prolly go
Opto and GL flow
Opto and GL giant
Maybe a gl bolt for flippyness

And maybe a stilleto, cuz why not

bradharris 05-29-2013 12:05 PM

Brad's Swedish Bag


fliphyzer 05-29-2013 12:08 PM

Classic judge x2
Fuzion Judge
Lucid Suspect
TP Tursas
VIP Warship
Opto Pain
GL River
Opto Fury
BF escape x 2
Opto Trident
BF Trespass x2
Opto Villain

dukdukgolf 05-29-2013 12:12 PM

Judge (soft for shorter putts, hard for longer shots)
stag or saint- (i use volts but stag or saint would fill this slot)
Bolt-opto (understable)
Villain (i have opto and GL)
king or halo but i dont throw anything faster than a villain/flow.

Im testing the Fury right now, not sure i love it but it would fall between the underworld and saint.

Im surprised Villains dont get more love on this site. They arent flashy i think thats what it is. They arent super fast, they dont have crazy glide but they could be the most predictable driver made by lat/westside/dd. Great in the wind also. Since so many swedish drivers are bad in the wind, the villain is great addition to any bag.

mattw 05-29-2013 12:22 PM

My current linup that I have been using. The Blitz is more of a specialty disc for really windy days. Longer than a Trident or XXX for me. I know its not considered an overstable driver but it gets the job done for me. The Trident serves multiple uses from overstable mid shots to get out of jail shots. Otherwise the bag is nice and simple.

2 GL Fury
1 Opto Fury
2 GL Striker
1 Opto Striker
1 GL Blitz
1 Opto Trident
2 Opto Core
1 GL Core
3 Zero Sinus

Bultx1215 05-29-2013 12:34 PM

Who cares if it has been done before. New discs add new possibilities. :rolleyes:

My current bag is about 80% Lat/WS as is, but on occasion, I do run a full Lat bag for minis and usually do as well if not better with it.:thmbup: Makes me wonder why I don't stick with it some days.

Opto Villian..usually its too fast for me, but I can use it as a mean high hyzer disc
Opto Air Bolt..almost stable with wind...US into wind..general long drives
GL Saint..general straightness with fade and nice S shots, though I am using it less
TP Stag..TB type shots, work in progress
GL Fury..work in progress, but filling a TL type shot, straight with little fade
VIP Underworld...general US
GL River....stable and accurate
RGL River...super understable and accurate
Opto Diamond...when i feel like it...flies much like the Fury
RGL Diamond...becoming a workhorse...hyzer flip laser beams to great anhyzers
GL Vision....great anhyzers
Opto Trident..get out of jail free card

TP Tursas....work in progress stifled by success of Mace
GL Fuse...right turning goodness
GL Mace..general midrange duty

Opto Pure...driving Putter
ZL soft Pure... for all putting duties.

The majority of the drivers are in the 165-168 range with the Rivers in the 171-172 range. Mids, 172, puters, all max weight.

pookie 05-29-2013 12:37 PM

here is my bag which is almost exclusively lat/westside/dyn-
putter - swan 173g, judge soft 175g and hard 175g for off of the teepad, sinus hard 173g or jokeria for os putter
mid - warship vip 175 g, m1
fairway - escape biofusion all different weights, underworld vip 173g, respecti 175g
drivers - Giant 169g tp, 173g tp, 173g vip, 160g air and Villian tp 167g.

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